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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode Has Already Broken a World Record

…and no, it’s not for “most unsubstantiated Internet rumors based on a single episode of television.” No more “but will [insert actor here] really not be in it?,” “But when he said he’s involved, did he mean in the actual episode or some other part of the celebrations?,” or “Moffat says this, but he’s probably lying.” I don’t even know what to do with myself now that that’s all over.

“The Day of the Doctor” now holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest simulcast of a TV drama. We knew it would happen, but now it’s official; Steven Moffat was presented with the award at London’s Doctor Who Celebration.

Said Moffat upon accepting the award:

“For years the Doctor has been stopping everyone else from conquering the world. Now, just to show off, he’s gone and done it himself!”

The episode’s simulcast took place in 1,500 cinemas across 94 countries in six continents, which was a difficult thing (though not, I’d imagine, one lacking in financial benefit) for the  BBC to pull off. Says BBC Worldwide CEO Tim Davie:

“We knew we were attempting something unprecedented in broadcast history, not only because Doctor Who is a drama, unlike a live feed event such as a World Cup football match or a Royal Wedding, but because we had to deliver the episode in advance to the four corners of the world so that it could be dubbed and subtitled into 15 different languages. If there was any doubt that Doctor Who is one of the world’s biggest TV shows, this award should put that argument to rest – and how fitting for it to receive such an accolade in its 50th year.”

I don’t even want to think about the threats that must have been made to keep the episode from leaking. I’m guessing Daleks were involved. Or maybe Moffat promised that if anything got out before its time those responsible would be strapped into a Clockwork Orange-type contraption and forced to watch Love & Monsters until madness set in.

(via: BuzzFeed)

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  • Lien

    You misspelled the title, it should be “whose”

    *sips tea and waits to see if someone gets it.*

  • Nirali

    We don’t talk about Love and Monsters.

  • Anonymous

    That’s pretty impressive. I’m also wondering how many t.v. streaming websites (of dubious legality) crashed yesterday with people trying to watch it at the same time.

  • Sue Spencer

    Yes, Love and Monsters is arguably the worst episode of New Who, but it should get SOME credit for giving us the opportunity to watch dancing about… A *little* love, maybe?

  • Important Film Maker

    I’m pretty sure Love and Monsters is to blame for ending my last relationship. I’m never introducing Who to another girlfriend ever again.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea what you mean; there is no episode by that name.


  • Smilingswan

    What, no showings in Antarctica? Or at the Space Station? That would’ve been a real record!

  • Anonymous

    For the premiere they did in new york for the asylum of the daleks, they just asked the audience to not tell anyone that jenna coleman was in the episode…the secret was kept pretty well. i think most people just respected the reveal.

  • Elwyne

    One of my favorites. It is, after all, about the fans – and who the Doctor is outside the glare of the spotlight.
    Add in the meta – the kid-designed monster, Moaning Myrtle, fan art – and the fact that Elton is just adorable, and you can’t go wrong.

    Or maybe it’s just me. ;)