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I Look Forward to Never, Ever Watching Steven Moffat’s Time Traveler’s Wife Adaptation

It was announced this week that Steven Moffat of Doctor Who fame will be adapting Audrey Niffenegger's 2003 novel The Time Traveler's Wife as a series for HBO. As a huge fan of the book, I don't want to say it's unfilmable, but I will say that the story already exists in its ideal form and the circumstances would have to be perfect for an adaptation to hit anywhere close to the mark of the book. And so far, the circumstances have been pretty crappy.

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River Song: The Greatest Mary Sue of All Time

"I hate you." "No you don't."

Not since Galahad has a character been inserted into mythology to be the bestest ever so on the nose.

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Thirteen Is More Than Just “a Female Doctor”; She’s the Next Phase of the Doctor’s Evolution

This year's Doctor Who Christmas special was thrilling for several reasons. We got to watch the Twelfth Doctor interact with the First Doctor (brought beautifully to life again by David Bradley). We witnessed the moment where the Doctor preserved a very important future relationship. But perhaps the most thrilling thing of all is that, in regenerating into their thirteenth form, the Doctor is now a woman. The best part? The Doctor seems pretty damn happy about it.

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Steven Moffat Insists There Was No Sexist Backlash to New Doctor Who, Wants Us All to “Shut the Hell Up”

Good news, everyone! We were just imagining things!

While we were celebrating the announcement of Jodie Whittaker being cast as the first woman Doctor on Doctor Who, there were quite a few misogynistic trolls bemoaning the news. Except if you ask Steven Moffat, none of that happened. According to him, everyone was happy, sexism doesn't exist, and we're all imagining things.

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BBC’s Sherlock Team Taking On Another Cold, Brooding Protagonist: Dracula

It looks like Dracula will be getting the Sherlock treatment.

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Doctor Who: Class Trailer, Christmas Special “Superhero” Revealed at NYCC

"For Time has looked at your faces, and Time never forgets..."

Peter Capaldi, a.k.a. the Doctor himself, took to the stage at Madison Square Garden earlier today as part of the New York Comic Con debut of the Doctor Who spin-off, Class, which is set to premiere in Spring 2017 along with the 10th Season of Doctor Who. Check out one of the two trailers they showed above!

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Benedict Cumberbatch on Sherlock S4 Being Its Last: “The End of An Era”

As if it isn't bad enough that there aren't nearly enough episodes of Sherlock per season, or that we have to wait way too long between seasons, word from Benedict Cumberbatch, A.K.A. Sherlock himself, is that Season 4 may be its last.

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Is a Caped Crusader Joining the Doctor in the Doctor Who Christmas Special?

After a long, Who-less dry spell, we'll finally be getting some new Doctor Who this December in the form of its annual Christmas special. This time, while the Doctor won't have his usual interim companion, there will be the appearance of a character from the previous Christmas special, as well as a special guest...who may or may not be a superhero we know.

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Sherlock‘s Holmes & Watson Will Never Date, Say Showrunners: “This Is Not Going to Happen”

Whether you're involved in the Sherlock fandom or not, it would be almost impossible for you to evade the question as to whether or not John Watson and Sherlock Holmes will end up in a romantic relationship together. It's not a new question when it comes to these two classic characters.

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Steven Moffat on Diversity on Doctor Who: “It’s a Show That Has No Excuse.”

Doctor Who Magazine is currently celebrating its 500th issue with a special collectors edition that's full of cool stuff, including an interview with Steven Moffat wherein he speaks honestly about diversity on Doctor Who, and about how even though the supporting cast has been one of the most racially diverse on British television, they could still do better.

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Doctor Who Spin-Off Class Announces Cast and Story Elements

Whovians have been intrigued since the BBC announced a new Doctor Who spin-off called Class, which will be set at Coal Hill Secondary School where recent companion Clara Oswald as well as original companions Ian and Barbara taught before they were whisked away by the First Doctor.

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Peter Capaldi May Stay After Steven Moffat Leaves Doctor Who

Or, he may not.

There have been rumors right and left as to whether or not Peter Capaldi will remain the Doctor after Steven Moffat leaves Doctor Who in 2018.

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Breaking: Steven Moffat Leaving Doctor Who, to Be Replaced by Broadchurch Showrunner

It was just announced on Radio Times that Steven Moffat will be stepping down as Doctor Who showrunner, to be replaced by Broadchurch showrunner Chris Chibnall.

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Review: The Good and Bad of Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

Sherlock goes back in time! But not really.

The holiday special of BBC's Sherlock is a mix of what makes people love and hate the show.

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Steven Moffat Shares His Thoughts on Finding His Own Replacement on Doctor Who

Steven Moffat has been working on Doctor Who for a long time, and he's been the showrunner since season 5 in 2010. He's now overseen the coming of two new Doctors and may soon see another one depart—if he doesn't get there first, that is. He's already mulling over the predicament of choosing his replacement.

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The Ladies of Sci-Fi: 5 Reasons Why We Need a Female Doctor in Doctor Who

With the news that Peter Capaldi could be entering his final season as the Doctor, Doctor Who fans have already started speculating on who the next Doctor might be. I say it’s time for a woman. Despite a wealth of female characters in the series, the treatment of the ladies is problematic at best. Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why we need a woman Doctor.

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Doctor Who‘s Alex Kingston and Steven Moffat Talk Closure for River Song

Many of us have already marveled at the warmth and sincerity of the final (??) appearance of River Song on Doctor Who in this year's Christmas special, "The Husbands of River Song." Now, Alex Kingston, along with Steven Moffat, are sharing their thoughts on closure for their favorite time-traveling archaeologist.

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Peter Capaldi Worried a Male Companion on Doctor Who Might Hog the Action

With Clara gone and the Doctor now companionless, Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi shared their opinions on who may fill the role. According to them, the next companion is likely to be a woman.

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Things We Saw Today: Tiny Baby Sings “The Imperial March” to Herself in Her Crib

Paranormal Adorability.

Awww. Proud dad Jonathan Liu managed to catch footage of his 2-year-old serenading herself with the Imperial March. You do you, little one!

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Doctor Who: In Defense of Sonic Sunglasses

Because if they ever "fix the chameleon circuit"? Eff those people.

There's been much ado about the current Doctor on Doctor Who making use of sonic sunglasses as opposed to his sonic screwdriver, and I'd just like to say...can we all just chill the fuck out for a second?

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