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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Hello Sweetie

Which Doctor Who Character Tops Britain’s List Of Popular Baby Names?

If you had any question about the impact Doctor Who has on the British public, question no longer. So which character name from the show topped a list of popular baby names for 2012? I’ll narrow it down for you – it was a list of girls names. 

And the winner is…Amelia!

The BBC America blog got their information from BabyCentre which has Amelia up from #11 in 2011 to #1 in 2012. They feel the jump in popularity might have to do with Karen Gillan, aka Amy Pond, aka Amelia Pond, leaving Doctor Who last year. You may remember us posting about a list strictly limited to entertainment inspired baby names which had The Hunger Games’ Rue listed as very popular.

The top name for boys last year in Britain was Harry. You can decide whether that’s because of the Prince or the Chosen One.

Meanwhile, their list for the United States puts Amelia at #12, up from #30 the year before. “Doctor Who, I blame you,” writes the BBC America blog. We’re totally cool with that. Coincientally enough, my pal Glen Tickle from our sister site Geekosystem saw his first child brought into this world earlier this year by his lovely wife. They had a few geeky names they were thinking of calling her but eventually decided on Amelia.

(via BBC America)

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  • Anonymous

    Romana II?

  • Anonymous

    I really thought it would be River.

  • Anonymous

    Please say Stormageddon, please say Stormageddon, please say Stormageddon…

    Damn it!

  • Anonymous

    We named The Kid after Shaggy Rogers’ baby sister.

    If she’s been a boy, he’d have been named Perry Kimball. Making Kimball the first name would have been TOO cruel.

    And of course, Scott Shaw! named his kid Kirby.

  • Ryan

    I thought so too. Between River Song and River Tam it is a very geeky name.

  • Craig Oxbrow


    (It’s probably good I didn’t get a vote in my nieces’ names.)

  • Not So Young Democrat


  • Martha Lagunas

    What if a couple went through the trouble of naming their child Amelia Pond. Like, they didn’t even give their child their family name. Hmm..

  • Lance Bravestar

    Well, Rory is a pretty lame name. Sorry, Rorys.

  • Christopher Buchanan

    Just 2 months ago me and my wife had our first child. We named her River.

  • Jason Hunt

    It’s hardly lame, It’s an ancient name of Irish Kings.

  • Lance Bravestar

    Yeah, but Amelia is still cooler.