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Doctor Who Anniversary Special Teasers Reach a New Level In Showing Us Absolutely Nothing

Welp. Unless you were lucky enough to be at San Diego Comic-Con’s Doctor Who panel, these two vids are the first teasers for the 50th anniversary special you’ll have seen. I am decidedly underwhelmed. No. I am nonwhelmed. No whelming here. Luckily, the Doctor Who production team reportedly said that an official trailer is in post-production and should be released soon-ish. ‘Bout time!

Hit the jump for a teaser that’s longer by a whole three seconds!

(via: Geekosystem, Digital Spy)

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  • realinvalidname

    I bet I’m not the only one here for whom the idea of Doctor Who is better than actual Doctor Who episodes. The show is drowning in self-promotion, building a hype that it cannot possibly live up to.

  • Brady Darnell

    I made the decision some months ago to stop watching trailers and teasers for movies and shows I already know I’m going to watch anyway, because I don’t want to know anything beforehand, so these are actually just my speed.
    (We’ll see how long I can hold out: I suspect Guardians of the Galaxy trailers will break my resolve.)

  • Mike Chen

    I felt that way about much of the season but I really loved The Name Of The Doctor. And 10 is my favorite Doctor, so because of that, I think even my tempered expectations are still blown out of proportion.

  • realinvalidname

    Same thing happened to me when I was 12. We got TV Ontario over the border, and I discovered 1st year Baker, and then they went back to Pertwee, and it wasn’t until far later until I understood that their policy was to run one new(-ish) season, then rerun one from 4 years prior.