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Allow us to explain.


Destructoid Writer Takes Aim at Felicia Day, Shoots Himself in the Foot

Felicia Day as Kitty Pryde by

It’s no secret that tensions have been extremely high in the gaming world lately, especially surrounding gender relations and prominent women in the industry.

Certainly it hasn’t been the kind of environment that you’d, say, want to bumble into by means of bashing one of the most beloved women in geek culture.

So, what exactly prompted Destructoid writer Ryan Perez (@PissedOffRyno) to, in his own words, “commit career suicide” and take uninformed, indignant potshots at geek cultural icon Felicia Day on Twitter Friday night just for, er, existing?

It might have something to do with the recent spate of horribly misogynist outbursts against women in gaming, both fictional and real. Perhaps Perez felt a sense of solidarity with the many gamers who feel sexism is just part of the game. Perhaps he felt threatened by the rising collective voice of women and feminists who have spoken out against male-dominated gaming culture, a voice Felicia Day has increasingly come to embody.

Or maybe he was “new to Twitter” and just too drunk not to realize what a horrendously bad idea this was:

One thing we’re still confused by, idiocy not withstanding, is why it was Felicia Day in particular who served as the target of Perez’s drunken tirade against…whatever. As part of Perez’s 7-part apology, issued directly to Day on Twitter Saturday night, he stated, “I really had no idea who you are,” and even magnanimously offered, “I plan on actually viewing your portfolio before saying more about…well, you.”

Really? Really? That’s a lot of vehemence against someone who only exists to you as a name. Even more baffling is how someone can land a gig writing for a popular gaming news and review site without having any (professed) clue who Felicia Day is. The star of Dr Horrible and geek cult hit The Guild recently launched her own Youtube channel and web presence called Geek & Sundry, meant to tap into her huge and expanding fanbase and cement her position as a marketable, formidable voice for all aspects of geek culture, including women and casual gamers.

Even if Perez somehow managed to miss her many contributions to the culture (our favorite is still “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?”) it’s likely that it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Perez, in his drunken state, probably simply lashed out at Day because he knew her as a well-known and well-liked female name in gaming culture—an easy target in a moment where the recent outrage over sexist tropes in video games has led to an increasingly polarized community.

Perez’s words made it abundantly clear that pervasive, ongoing sexism begins with a basic lack of respect and recognition for women, from the basic harassment catalogued every day at Fat, Ugly, or Slutty, to veteran female game developers who will only speak anonymously about how they’re afraid to speak at all, and female games reporters disgusted with convention staff assuming they know nothing about video games despite their credentials. If a woman who has contributed as much to the culture, genre, and perception of gaming as Felicia Day can be dismissed as “a glorified booth babe” by someone who hasn’t even bothered to read her “portfolio,” then it’s safe to say that the problem is even worse on the ground for less well-known women who make their living in the industry, much less for female gamers themselves.

But this point seemed to be lost on Perez, who refused to quit, at first dourly adding, “I should have been smarter and just made a comment against God or the Catholic Church,” then continuing to imply that his sudden fall from grace was the fault of irate fans and bad luck. To an outraged Wil Wheaton, he claimed bitterly, “I’m small-time. Nobody should care about what I say.”

Twitter, however, cared very much, as this sampling taken from Tumblr shows:

So did Destructoid. Although only one of Destructoid’s seventeen editors is female (ETA: Destructoid’s Community Director Hamza Aziz contacted us to clarify that the site actually has has two regular female writers & one additional freelancer), they certainly recognized the need for damage control. Less than a day after the comments went up on Twitter, its editors issued a public apology to Felicia Day and her fans:

They also hastened to add that the popular console review site has “ended its relationship with Ryan Perez effective immediately.” Not that this kept other companies from immediately declaring their intention to hire him (although this specific company just seems like it’s setting up another journalist for a Commander Shepard takedown).

Nonetheless, fresh from a rockin’ VidCon performance of “I’m the One That’s Cool,” with Hank Green, Day graciously accepted Perez’s apology. As for Perez, he did show some glimmers of enlightenment in the end: when propositioned to “support” a project called “Misandry in Video Games,” he responded, “Appreciate the offer, but even I think dickheads like me still make up the majority.”

Header image taken from this awesome fanart of Felicia Day as Kitty Pryde by drawing-bored.

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  • JoAnna Luffman

    Adam Baldwin, a noted Conservative, also ripped this idiot a new one. 

    Drunk tweeting makes you look like a complete idiot. Don’t do it! :D

  • Anonymous

    I fear the only reason Destructoid bothered with damage control is that Wil Wheaton got mad.  I hope I’m wrong.

  • Katharine Ellis Tapley

    Hey, the first step is admitting you have a problem right? Glad Perez learned his lesson. The ass.

  • Matt Goldey

    Beginning his “apology” by explaining that he was “very, very drunk” was just pathetic and makes the whole apology sound disingenuous.

  • TDF Pamela

    Wooooow, if Adam Baldwin calls you out for being an asshole, you know you’re doing something wrong, haha.

  • Anonymous

    Destructoid knew they had to step in, and the title of this article is the reason why.  In the same way he didn’t know who Felicia was, most people don’t know who HE is, and to attract the readers’ attention, I’m sure many articles defined him as a “Destructoid writer”, in addition to, or even instead of, using his name.

    It’s only a jump to conclusion (the only physical exertion that the Internet excels at) later for people to start thinking that Destructoid itself made the comments, and so they needed to come in quickly and loudly, making it clear it was him and not them.

  • Anonymous

    I’m only familiar with Day’s work from “The Guild,” and that show is mainly about her finding love in the context of gaming. She uses her gender (and the other female gamers) to critique the “male-centered” culture of gaming, yet she does so by enacting the stereotypes.

    I’m not defending dude here (whoever he is), and I like “The Guild.”

    Can we all just agree to get over the gender “problem?” We’ll be better off for it.

  • Michail Velichansky

    I was curious about the “anti-feminist website” and I don’t know who the tweeter was, but the actual indigogo page about the project doesn’t seem anti-feminist to me. They go out of their way to support Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency and to make clear that what they’re doing isn’t a response or an attack on her work, but work with the same ideas done in parallel. From looking over their stuff it looks like they want to talk about the stereotypes of male characters, eg. (from their site):

    The Musclebeast: Why are all men 7 foot roided up killing machines?
    Mr Emotionless McStonefaced
    Cannon Fodder
    The Fat Comedic SidekickThat doesn’t seem anti-feminist at all. That seems very much in line with feminist analysis, ie. examining gender roles and portrayals of gender for both sexes. I couldn’t watch their video, as I’m at work, but that seems potentially interesting. Am I missing something?

  • Michail Velichansky

    I don’t think we can! It’d be fine if he said he hated The Guild. He didn’t say that. He attacked Day based purely on that a) she was popular, and b) was female, and therefore unworthy somehow even though he’s never even seen any of her work.

  • Anonymous

    Jim Sterling is also super sexist but that doesn’t get as much press because he just attacked another female journalist and not a popular actress.

    Here’s some more information:

  • Sara Sakana

    I’ll get over the gender problem when you and your fellow dudebros quit being assholes to women for having the nerve to intrude on your sacred gaming turf.

  • Elsajeni

    Wow, that “new to Twitter” is some apology — “I’m so sorry I accidentally made my offensive comments public. I thought I was just insulting you privately!”

  • John Wao

    I wonder if this is somehow connected to the recent flaming that Day received over the Gamer Gal music video?

  • Alex Manuel

    It’s insanely pathetic how you folks keep carrying out Pixelante’s marketing for it.

    1. That happened before existing policies at Dtoid about personal social networking and its reflection on the site. There’s also a new Editor-in-Chief now, and how HE deals with specific issues may very well not be the same as how the former one did so.

    2. The attack was NOT unprovoked and, given her already homophobic slurs against Sterling, had basically turned into a pissing match by BOTH of them attempting to offend each other the worst. That doesn’t make Sterling look like a winner by any means, but you damned sure can’t call HER actions noble, either, if we’re talking about furthering hate speech against oppressed minorities. 

    3. Since then, Sterling has actually taken criticism on board and realized the extent of how privileged and ignorant his statements were:

    4. He’s actually begun writing ABOUT the problem of sexism/objectification within the gaming industry in his Destructoid articles, which may not “make it all okay again”, but it certainly indicates that there’s been genuine learning from a mistake — and if anyone who actually cares about activism means to tell me that their goal is not to eventually change the hearts and minds of those who don’t get it, but to endlessly punish and muckrake, then I must say that you’re doing it wrong. 

    Grow the fuck up and drop it already. It’s old news.

  • Life Lessons

    Oh good grief. 

  • Wendy Dillinger

    was female, and therefore unworthy somehow even though he’s never even seen any of her work.

  • James Strocel

    He didn’t know who she was? He must be either stupid or lying. How compartmentalized can this internet be?

  • Anonymous

    I know that you are defending Day here but calling her a “geek cultural icon” is a bit much.

  • Willow

    … no it isn’t?

  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    She’s a pioneer in Internet programming, starred in Dr. Horrible, has become a fan-favorite guest star for no fewer than three sci-fi/fantasy shows, gave new relevance to Wil Wheaton, and was featured in Dragon Age.

    Yeah, I’d say she’s earned the title of “Geek Cultural Icon.”

  • Shard Aerliss

    Drunk tweeting? I can’t spot a single typo and he used commas in all the right places. He even used a colon!

    Drunk tweeting my arse.

  • ainok

    On the other hand every time some entitled self-important cretin vomits his ‘OMGWomen are evul!’ brain-garbage all over the internet, a multitude of human beings step up and demonstrate that there are genuinely decent people out there as well. I’m always heartened by these people and reminded not to completely throw in the towel on my faith in humankind.

  • PsychoPirateRemembers

    This is ridiculous…Just because someone isn’t your “cup of Tea” (and, to be fair, Day isn’t at the top of my favorite actor’s list… I prefer her as a personality) doesn’t mean they have no worth. It’s obvious this jerkstore was just attacking her because she was a woman. “Glorified Booth Babe” is a real slap in the face, (nothing wrong with being a Booth Babe, or Booth Bro for that matter)  for someone who’s industry achievements are so many in number.

    TL;DR … What a dick.

  • Anonymous

    So she did some Internet stuff, does guest work on some syfy shows, mad Wil Wheaton slightly less irrelevent, and was in the terrible Dragon Age sequel. Oh and don’t forget she was the star of the classic Red: Werewolf Hunter.
    She is a popular and talented geek and that is a great thing but she can’t be called an icon (at least not yet.)

  • Anonymous

    The very concept of “misandry” is anti-feminist. It’s a fake word used to dismiss, devalue, or cover-up acts of misogyny.

    There are definitely men’s issues that need to be discussed and addressed, and discussing gender roles is great for everyone. But to offer up the topics as “misandry” is what really makes this offensive. There is no systematic oppression or marginalization of men in video games (and surprise: “reverse racism” isn’t A Thing That Happens either). Men are very much the default player demographic, the majority of the people behind the scenes, and the ones who are listened to the most when they offer up video game commentary. There are some harmful gender roles applied to men, but those absolutely do not equal or erase amount of harmful tropes that women or people of color have to deal with. To say that they are parallel issues is frankly quite wrong and insulting to those who actually have the short end of the stick.

  • Fisty

    The fact Destructoid fired him for this, that @feliciaday caused a firing and that @wilw jumped in with the rest of the internet bullies is pretty lame.  Blown out of proportion and the internet lost here.  You’re all idiots, unless you agree with me.

  • Anonymous

    Let me get this straight, you are a man speaking to a feminist, telling her she’s doing feminism wrong and that she should shut up? Welcome to being part of the problem.

  • Daniel Swensen

    And what are the mystery “icon” criteria you feel she hasn’t met? 

  • Daniel Swensen

    The people not being harassed and marginalized always think everyone else should “get over it,” because since it doesn’t affect them, clearly it must not affect anybody!

  • Daniel Swensen

    Yet more proof that a few seconds educating yourself on the internet can save you a whole lot of pain and ridicule. I’ve never understood why people think declaring “Should I know who this person is? I’m ignorant of this person / topic” makes you look cool. Like you’re way too busy with important things like Twitter and booze to run a Google search?

  • Vech2008

    Everything you’re saying might be true. What is most often than not the problem with these kind of projects (and with the promoting of these ideas by some, yes, very anti-feminist groups) is that they are trying to undermine the efforts by women to talk about inequality in different fields, or in society in general, by claiming that the sexism and misogyny women receive is exaggerated by feminists and exists in equal amounts towards men. It is a way to discredit feminism and defend the idea that men are not privileged. It is no accident that as soon as this guy made some hateful comments about a woman in geek culture someone was there to invite him to join this project.

  • Anonymous

    In 20-50 years from now will anybody know or care about her or her projects. And as of now that is a clear no.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that guy sucks. Has he even seen The Guild?! She put insane amounts of work into that and it’s clearly a love letter to gamers and gamer culture as well as making fun of how silly it is on the surface. It’s a political cartoon for gamers. And it’s done well. 
    He’s acting like she just some poseur who plays some WarCraft a few hours a week and has delusions of celebrity and thinks everyone should love her like a Paris Hilton.
     I don’t get this guy’s problem, I think he’s a tool.

  • Daniel Swensen

    Since it hasn’t been 20-50 years, and neither of us can see the future, I find your criteria lacking. 

  • Alex Manuel

    1. Not male, thanks. 

    2. I didn’t say she’s doing feminism wrong (but while we’re on the subject, I’ll go on the record and say, yes, she’s doing it wrong); I said she — or whoever’s going around posting this on EVERY. SINGLE. THING. That mentions Sterling’s name — is doing activism wrong. If the point of activism is to change, to get people to understand and adopt your cause, then throwing past slights in the faces of people who have actually taken something away from the experience is an absolutely horrible way to go about it. This is assuming the person(s) doing the posting actually even CARE about activism, vs. just wanting to throw a wrench in Sterling’s career, typically over review scores or opinions they don’t like. This happens often. 

    I don’t take kindly to it, because feminist activism IS something quite near and dear to me. I don’t like seeing it used to perpetuate stupid grudges.

  • Anonymous

    Ok so what specifically has she done that merits the title icon?

  • Michail Velichansky

    Was actually just about to reply to my own comment, since I had time to look up misandry and figured that was probably where a lot of the hate was coming from. Anyway…

    You might mean parallel in a different way than I do (it was my own word choice, not theirs). I don’t think the issues that are being (potentially) discussed as being equal or as important — none of that needs to be explained to me. But they’re still interesting issues and are important in trying to deconstruct what’s up with video games and gender issues and female portrayal etc. We end up discussing the portrayal of men almost every time we discuss the portrayal of women, so exploring that side of things could lead to stuff. Interesting stuff. Maybe.
    I agree on the use of the term misandry. I looked it up, and it’s dumb (at least in the way it’s being applied), but it doesn’t really seem to fit at all with what those folks are actually saying. Which is to say, misandry seems to imply that they’re attacking feminist critiques and works. Instead, from what they’re saying, they want to add to the whole of the discussion. It makes me wonder if they’re trying to use the word to just mean “hatred of men” or something? Or “harmful to men”? 

    Granted, the word choice does not inspire confidence in the end result. But, one can hope? Maybe? I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing a video series about male portrayal in video games that is also feminist, and I want them to be making that, instead of what everyone else thinks they’re making.

  • Daniel Swensen

    I’d start with the dictionary definition. “ One who is the object of great attention and devotion; an idol” 

    I think it’s self-evident from this story that Day gets a lot of attention and devotion. Being an icon isn’t necessarily related to great deeds or merits, it has to do with being in the spotlight, which I think Day frequently is in geek circles. 

    I’m not the biggest fan of Day, but neither would I dismiss what she’s accomplished as “did some stuff on the Internet.” 

  • Michail Velichansky

    Ugh. Maybe. If so, I might not be seeing it, and that’s sad and gross :( Because as I said in the post above, talking about male portrayal is a part of talking about female portrayal, and we deconstruct male gender what-have-yous etc.

    So how do we talk about issues of male portrayal that are damaging without providing fodder for anti-feminist dumbness? or without implying that this somehow means that men are “just as picked on or worse!!!11″ than women? Is that something you think is possible? What if it’s framed within a clearly pro-feminist stance? Kind of thinking aloud, but am curious what you (or anyone) thinks.

    The only reason I don’t put much stock in the tweet invite is because I don’t know if that was someone genuinely affiliated with the project, someone “inviting” on behalf without permission, or someone trolling or what.

    But I think you (and maselphie) totally answered my question as to what I was missing and where the distrust was coming from. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    So anybody who is popular automatically becomes an icon? That is kind of sad, and it kind of backs up what that jackass said on twitter, which is even worse. ( replied to wrong comment sorry)

  • Anonymous

    I apologize for the assumption of your gender.

    You actually said “you folks” at the beginning as if to generalize an entire group of people, and based on your attack-ridden defense of sexist language, I gathered that you were taking a jab at a group of people I identify with.

  • Doctor Oddfellow

    Well, at least, it wasn’t this misuse of Felicia in which was pretty… wtf.

    His whole Twitter kinda reads with self-loathing and not of the self-aware kind. Guy’s got some issues and I think he decided the best way to self-destruct his self esteem is to purposely antagonize a fanbase that will eviscerate him completely and publicly. And we of course obliged him. We even wrote an article about it.

  • Doctor Oddfellow

    To be fair, he and Felicia are pretty close pals. Doesn’t matter your politics, when someone is being a douchenozzle to your friend like that, you let him have it.

  • Doctor Oddfellow

    We’ll agree to disagree. I believe misandry exists and I see it in action on a rather regular basis but I don’t see how it would erase the existence of misogyny. Men are just as capable of having harmful gender roles and stereotypes applied to them in media, including video games. Are they as prevalent or obvious or as championed as the ladies? No, probably not. Men are expected to just toughen up and get over it.

  • Doctor Oddfellow

    Up until a few months ago, I did not know who she was. I had seen her on Dr. Horrible but I had not made the connection and I had viewed none of her other work. She was just that person everyone talked about. Now I’ve giving myself a passing knowledge of her work and I totally get who she is now.

  • Anonymous

    “We end up discussing the portrayal of men almost every time we discuss the portrayal of women”

    That’s usually because a lot of men won’t allow women to speak about their own representations without making it about men again. It’s the typical “but what about the men?” response that has been heard so often when talking about women’s issues ( ), and it’s rarely invoked to actually discuss men’s issues but to undermine and silence women’s issues. That’s the feel I get from a group using “misandry” and only starting this project immediately after Feminist Freq. It comes off as backlash.

    Gender roles hurts everyone and should be discussed, but you cannot call these tropes “hatred of men,” as if anyone other than men are responsible for them. Narrowly defining masculinity and strictly enforcing it to the point of hate crimes is a problem and should be discussed, no doubt. Just not in a “yeah well men have it bad too!!” sort of way.

    You might like this website:

  • Anonymous

    That’s great that you’re recognizing that the patriarchy hurts men, too, but misandry is still a made-up word and you should probably stop using it.

  • Kristin Frederickson

    Completely with you on this. Sterling’s old tweets, while certainly offensive, were provoked by similarly offensive and hateful attacks. I’d say that Anna Atrophy’s letter was actually incredibly sexist, since she characterizes her girlfriend as a damsel-in-distress and only briefly acknowledges Daphny’s participation in the incident, while Jim is expected take the brunt of the responsibility and deal with the consequences.

    But regardless of how you feel about the Twitter fiasco, to bring it up today completely ignores all the personal growth Sterling’s gone through in the last couple years. Watch one of his latest videos and try to tell me he’s a feminazi-hating misogynist;

  • Alex Manuel

    No, “you folks” means the person (or people, I can’t decide if it’s truly many, or just one with multiple profiles) who keeps linking to that stupid Auntie Pixelante post anytime there seems to be an open opportunity to — even if the subject at hand really has nothing to do with him. This was about Ryan Perez coming off with a completely unwarranted, unprovoked tirade against an industry peer, not Jim Sterling firing back (however ignorantly and unwisely) at someone who had already picked a fight with him, and was using some pretty choice offensive language herself that basically incorporated homosexuality as a slur. 

    The two are not equivalent, and even if they were, Sterling’s learned a great deal in the near year and a half since it happened. Whoever is perpetuating this seriously needs counseling, especially if they believe they’re doing so in the spirit of activism. Sorry if I was unclear.

  • Doctor Oddfellow

    If you can find a better word for prevalent media stereotypes that men are incapable of emotional abuse or the lack of laws that protect men from rape or men only think with their genitalia or any of the “man comedy” declaring what a “real man” should be, to name a few things off the top of my skull, I will be more than overjoyed to use it.

    I should have probably added to my previous comment I disapprove of the word misandry used by misogynists as part of anti-feminist agenda, thereby devaluing an already worthy cause of silent voices.

  • Anonymous

    Day is an actress and a celebrity autograph signer. She’s great, and amazing, and fun, and she’s creative. But she’s not really a part of the video game industry unless you count being a massive fan and marketing herself as a fan so she can sign more autographs as being a part of the industry. Just because a man says of an actress, “I don’t see what she contributes to the world of gaming other than being a celebrity who likes games” doesn’t mean he’s sexist or disparaging her because she’s a woman. He’s asking what many people, regardless of gender, have asked about Day and her actress/gamer/celebrity hybrid persona at times. It’s not a well-defined persona or “brand”: she’s simultaneously the creator of a new web channel AND poses in elf costumes and sells those pictures at conventions. It’s a strange hybrid and it certainly has nothing to do with the actual video game industry other than that she has the ability to market products to her fan base, so could be a great spokesperson for a company.

    Many women who manufacture a “geek” persona for themselves to be celebs are going to find that if they are just actresses and fans, they will have a hard time convincing people that they contribute something to the world of gaming, or of science fiction, or of film other than just their own fame and face.

     I kind of like this site, but us feminists need to stop scrambling to create sexism when it isn’t there when it is SO OBVIOUSLY there in so many other aspects of the entertainment industry.

  • Michail Velichansky

    I’ve seen that site, and it was indeed interesting! Though I didn’t stick with it as a “place to check frequently” sort of thing.

    I agree, the privileged like to try and make all discussions about them again. But that’s not what I’m talking about… I meant more that we tend to have these discussions in terms of comparisons — “Women are portrayed like x, while men are portrayed as y” — so having more analysis at that stuff could be useful as something that feeds back into interesting feminist discourse.

    But yeah, I see what you’re saying. They don’t inspire confidence in their naming, and I don’t have the background in this stuff to be sensitive to the word misandry and it’s anti-feminist baggage. 

    The whole thing is just weird. They insist it’s not backlash, they’re very supportive (seeming) of Anita, and the whole thing isn’t even to pay for the videos but for charity. So the whole thing seems odd and confused >.<

  • Jack Dawkins

     ”and surprise: “reverse racism” isn’t A Thing That Happens either”

    Full retard.

  • Doctor Oddfellow

    Michail, you have some very valid concerns and I’m glad you have them. I hope you discover the answers.

  • muenso

    Gender essentialism might be a good term for what you’re concerned with, without the ridiculousness that “misandry” brings along.

  • Michail Velichansky

    Oh, and thanks for Feminist101 link. I’ve read through parts of that site, but not that entry, and it’s very useful in understanding the reaction the project in question has gotten.

  • Anonymous

    If that’s a genuine question, I personally recommend referring to such depictions as stereotypes, harmful gender roles, or gender essentialism (“men do this, women do that”), and definitely continue to challenge them accordingly. I don’t find it cool that men aren’t considered as good a parent as mothers and nonsense like that either (I was raised by my father, in fact.)

    Misandry is such a loaded word, because it implies that it exists in equal to misogyny … it really doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    Then I suppose we should reserve our judgement until the videos are actually made, like we wished some people would have done for Anita.

  • Michail Velichansky

    When I looked it up the word meant specifically “hatred of men by women”. So a better word would be, I dunno, “harmful male stereotypes” or something. Because “misandry” clearly has all sorts of anti-feminist baggage, so as a word at this point it seems to only kill discussion from the get go.

    Also, you should totally read maselphie’s link to to Feminism 101 above. It was super helpful

    In fact, blatant copy-paste of link:

  • Alex Manuel

    Indeed. Also, one of my favorite articles to date is about exploring the subject of objectification in Lollipop Chainsaw and how perverse that seems, given its originally sexist-looking content: 

    So, honestly, whoever keeps spamming every possible mention of Destructoid with this old stupid flame war is just coming across looking like a jackass. 

  • Michail Velichansky

    I don’t really think it’s creating anything. If she’d been male, he might have called her a poseur. Except, oh wait, he still could have. Instead he took it to the next level with the Booth Babe thing, esp. after a bunch of recent explosions in Twitterland about that very thing.

    I dunno. It may not have been consciously sexist (as in, “la, I will now be sexist at Felicia Day and twirl my mustache!”) but when he decided to be a jerk to her he went right for the gender-loaded weirdness. So it just kind of plays into the whole anti-woman thing squatting over video games and holding them back.

    Also, this site deals with feminism and pop culture. There are certainly more Serious Business sites out there, but I like it here because it’s a mix of serious and poppy and the occasional cute video.

  • Michail Velichansky

    (reply to below)

    Not like the response she got would be justified even if she does a bad job. >.< Not that I think she will.

    But I've come around to seeing why there's not much confidence there. I guess we can hope?

  • Michail Velichansky

    I think I did, actually. The discussion and links provided were super informative as to how these sorts of discussions can appear, and how they’ve been used to disguise (essentially) trolling.

    Ultimately, if the videos are any good, great! They’ve made a space to discuss this stuff without stepping on anyone else’s space. The work will speak for itself. They just haven’t inspired a lot of confidence, as they seem to not get why their word choice annoys people etc.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    By “Booth babe” he meant someone who exploits being a cute geek girl for personal fame. That is exactly what Day does. More power to her. 

    He doesn’t dislike her because she’s female; he dislikes her because he thinks she’s annoying and doesn’t contribute anything other than her face and her fame to the video game industry. You know which women do? Engineers. Artists. The people that make the games. She is not one of them, but she gets more attention than any of those women do.

  • Ryan Barrett

    You clearly have NO effing clue about the amateurish and sophomoric nature of Destructoid.  They are probably one of the worst (if not THE worst, after Slobs of Gaming went away) gaming “news” sites on the internet.  Their ignorance, idiocy, immaturity, and dishonesty towards the gaming industry is bar-none the most misinformed, biased CRAP you will ever read. It’s like reading a tabloid for games. There’s not a single shred of substance to anything anyone writes on that site, and no one with any shred of intelligence should read or respect ANYTHING that comes out of the fingertips of the people that Destructoid hires.

  • Megan Palmer

    I just wanted to comment on the fact that ‘she doesn’t contribute to video games’. She does. Check out some of the stuff she does with Bioware. They actually used her as a live-motion model, and they modeled a character after her in Dragon Age based on her writing, ‘The Guild’. Felicia Day contributes to video gaming the same way most of us do; by playing, critiquing, and sharing games. 

    If males can be famous for it, why can’t females? And when they are famous for it, why is it suddenly only to be cute and boost her fame? She played WoW wayyy before she became famous, along with other games.

  • Carie Small

    It only took me one click to his twitter bio to realize that he wouldn’t accept someone treating him that way. Yet, he is happy to dish it out. Here is his twitter bio: 
    Just click the site link below and listen to the interview before you ask questions or say dumb shit to me.

  • JoAnna Luffman

    Hey, some of us type quite well when drunk. It’s much harder to slur your words in that format. 

    Comes from being a dickish grammar Nazi for me, though. 

  • JoAnna Luffman

    So, some statements by the militant scary feminists, like “all heterosexual sex is rape” stuff isn’t misandry? The “women hating men” definition does, indeed exist. 

  • JoAnna Luffman

    That makes at least 3 changes then. First one (the day this all happened) it was – paraphrased – I’m a dick, and that’s what you’ll see here. Also, I work for destructoid.

    Then there was another talking about how he’s just a guy and all kittens and puppies. Again, paraphrased.

    This guy decided to prove the IFT, got burned as he lacked anonymity, and is now trying to backpedal. He gives sexist douche canoes a bad name. At least they stand up for their stupid bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    To say misandry doesn’t exist isn’t to say that no person on the face of the earth never said “I hate men.” Those words can definitely be combined to form that sentence and it probably happens. But what can those people do about it? They’re not the ones in power. Men, however, are in power thanks to the patriarchy. They get to have a government panel on women’s health made up exclusively of men, or I don’t know, actually be the President.

    We need to reject the word “misandry” based on what it stands for: claiming that systematic, wide-spread, deeply-ingrained hatred towards men actually exists in our society. It was created as a backlash against feminists and has been routinely used by entitled, sexist a-holes who think that not being able to be a sexist a-hole is some sort of oppression.

  • Anonymous

    Males aren’t famous for that. They are famous for making the games.  She has been famous since before WOW came out. Remember Buffy? I don’t want to get in an argument online. We can agree to disagree. However, it is my opinion that having your face and hair be used in a video game does not make you any more active of a contributor than any of the other 500 people who were actors in that game. Again, more power to her. And yes, she did some writing on the guild. However, there are directors and producers on that show that get way less credit and do way more work on making that happen. I’m leaving the conversation since this is an article about supporting Felicia and even though I’m telling you I support her, I’m finding myself drawn into an argument. I think anyone, like Felicia, who can manufacture an image in geek culture and sell it to the masses is a smart person. Beats working at K-Mart. Doesn’t make her a video game designer or creator, though.

  • Aja

    We’ve removed the description of the website altogether as we had unintentionally implied that all of IndieGo (the project-funding site) was associated with the project itself. 

  • Michail Velichansky

    Huh. I didn’t see that! Kind of glad you mentioned it anyway, the discussion that resulted was super educational, at least for me. But only tangentially on point, I guess.

  • Michail Velichansky

    I understand what you’re saying. But I think that there’s more wrapped up in calling her a booth babe, or using booth babe pejoratively, and even the “attention-seeking ‘geek’ girl” stereotype thing is often tied up with weird gender issues in the gaming community.

    Short story, I agree he probably doesn’t hate her for being a woman. But he chose to attack her in a gender-loaded way, because that’s what the bros do when girls try to hang out at the video game clubhouse.

    Those same female artists and engineers and designers are often made to feel unwelcome by the presence of booth babes, are mistaken for booth babes, etc. ( And then the actresses/models themselves who are the booth babes are treated super weird (

    Not really arguing, just not sure how much you pay attention to the gaming community and some of the controversy that’s been happening lately.

  • Angelica Brenner

    I know you’re not looking for an argument (and neither am I, honestly) but I can think of at least two guys who became famous by commenting on games rather than creating them – the gents responsible for Penny Arcade!

    (And I’m not even a “gamer”, really – I’m sure people more into the scene could think of another name or two.)

  • Angelica Brenner

    She “did some internet stuff”, to use your words, namely created a web series that became wildly popular (by the standards of independently-produced works, at least) thus showing that entertainment works don’t necessarily need the backing of a major film/tv company to be a hit – which, to a subculture that said companies don’t seem to “get”, is a pretty big deal.

  • KO

    She did “some writing” on The Guild? She /created/ The Guild and has written every episode. She starred in the Dragon Age webseries /that she wrote/. Do you find these things insignificant additions to the culture of gaming? 

  • Daranda Richardson

    I’m female, a geek and a Disabled Army Vet. It’s bad enough having to put up with idiots who stare in shock that I, a mere female, can be a Disabled Vet. But, to have MY community take pot shots at Felicia Day or any geek, who happens to have a vagina, is too much. This “person” won’t even own up to being a slime, he hides behind being “drunk”. I’m glad I have geek friends who care about me. Not that I’m female, male, LGBT, or any other tag.  
     yuck……..I need a shower. 

  • Anonymous

    Um, no offense but i don’t think we can chalk this up to some sort of sexism, or even as the article puts it a “tirade.” don’t get me wrong, this was stupid to the extreme & having met Felicia Day once she is a charming person, with a whole heap of talent, who will accept the apology graciously (because she’s that kind of person).

    However as far as “Really? Really? That’s a lot of vehemence against someone who only exists to you as a name” goes, is it? It seems like the guy asked if she had actually contributed anything. Sure this screams of ignorance, but i don’t think it screams of sexism. In fact had they both been of the same gender we would have considered this a stupid drunk attack on a persons credibility. But due to there being a difference in gender (an it being the one we love to hate on; man attacking woman) we love to get all self righteous about it & insinuate that not only is it sexism, but it represents some sort of underlying hostility.

    Seriously folks, every time we use something like this to try and score points for “[insert name of geeky thing here] is sexist”, all we are doing is poisoning the well & it not only makes the industry/hobby look bad (usually without cause) & it makes us look bad too. Its MAD & i mean that literally: It is mutually assured destruction. 

    Stuff like pointing out that only one of seventeen editors is female for instance… So what? What does that have to do with this article. Zero out of one people who wrote this article are female…. Oh Aja  Romano must be sexist. See how easy it is to make base line appeals to motive. My apologies in advanced if i’m wrong an Aja is actually a female name & i’m just showing my ignorance :)

    We are better then this folks, lets act like it.

  • Louis Gonzales

    Misandry isn’t a made up word though. It does exist in certain ways. Maybe not the way we are discussing right now, yet it does exist.

  • Cynthia J. Parker

    Adam Baldwin, a noted Conservative, also ripped this idiot a new one.

  • Anonymous

    Thats not what a patriarchy is. Anthropologists have already pretty conclusively shown that “patriarchy” when it still existed really only existed to benefit women. I know that sounds like a pretty extreme turn around, but its not when you think about it.

    Whenever we hear feminists speak on the evil of patriarchy its always about the not being able to vote, not being able to work & not having any social rights.

    Yet the same people who say this also tend to forget that more then 98% of men also couldn’t vote, as it was only one vote by the head of a household & only for land holders.

    As for not being able to work, men & young boys were forced to work for there family usually in terrible conditions like coal mines, resulting in early death or just mutilation if they were lucky: an a woman could not be punished for any crime she’d committed, but her father or husband could be (usually public humiliation or debtors prisons) & those same men also lacked for social rights.

    As for how long patriarchy lasted, it died during the Victorian Era when it was traded out for a horrible system of Plutocractic Oligarchy (which was of course the inevitable conclusion to industrilaization & the start of scarcity hype).

    These days in the western world patriarchy no longer exists, no matter how often its claimed. In fact its easy to show: A patriarchy requires that a family line be recorded only patrilineally: Something that hasn’t been the case since the end of the victorian era.

    Yeah, i love Anthropology & i hate it when people use words like “patriarchy” incorrectly.

  • Anonymous

    Female privilege is very real. 

  • Anonymous

    Everybody says there is this SEXISM problem. Everybody says this SEXISM problem will be solved when women pour into EVERY male activity and ONLY into male activities.
    Everybody says the final solution to this SEXISM problem is for EVERY male-dominated hobby and ONLY male-dominated hobbies to accommodate all women.What if I said there was this SEXISM problem and this SEXISM problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of men were brought into EVERY female-dominated activities and ONLY into female-dominated activities and industries?How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a SEXISM problem, that I am talking about the final solution to the MALE problem?And how long would it take any sane woman to notice this and what kind of psycho woman wouldn’t object to this?But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of discrimination against my gender, the male, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a sexistwhowantstobeatupwomenandrapethem.They say they are anti-sexism. What they are is anti-male. Anti-sexism is a codeword for anti-male.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody says there is this SEXISM problem. Everybody says this SEXISM problem will be solved when women pour into EVERY male activity and ONLY into male activities.

    Everybody says the final solution to this SEXISM problem is for EVERY male-dominated hobby and ONLY male-dominated hobbies to accommodate all women.

    What if I said there was this SEXISM problem and this SEXISM problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of men were brought into EVERY female-dominated activities and ONLY into female-dominated activities and industries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a SEXISM problem, that I am talking about the final solution to the MALE problem?

    And how long would it take any sane woman to notice this and what kind of psycho woman wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of discrimination against my gender, the male, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a sexistwhowantstobeatupwomenandrapethem.

    They say they are anti-sexism. What they are is anti-male. 

    Anti-sexism is a codeword for anti-male.

  • Anonymous

    Some like to say “kyriarchy” if that floats your boat instead.

    Also, citations plz on that “patriarchy only existed to benefit women” BS.

  • Boredlizzie

     Gross. Mary Sue, maybe you wanna get some moderation in your comments section or at least boot the MRAs? This is getting pretty ridiculous and pathetic. The voices of your readers are getting buried in this crap and do you care?

  • Anonymous

    Guys who got famous (at least internet famous) doing nothing but playing, critiquing and sharing games: Angry Video Game Nerd, the guys of FarFromSubtle/Video Games Awesome, Angry Joe, Spoony, UberHaxxorNova, most of the talking heads from G4 (formerly TechTV), it’s pretty big.

  • Anonymous

    “Anti-sexism is a codeword for anti-male.”
    Go BAWWW somewhere else, MRA dude-bro

  • Anonymous

    The lazy moderation is seriously disheartening.

  • Anonymous

    give me one way in which patriarchy as its been already defined benefited “men.” Not a man, but men, as a collective.

  • Anonymous

    Actually its pretty fair for him not to know who she is. If i were to ask you if you knew who Stephan Wacker was i doubt you’d know. Thats not to mean you are stupid, just that you don’t know a specific thing. The world is a pretty huge place & no one person can know everything.

    It doesn’t excuse the stupidity of not first doing research, but drunk people have never been noterised as being the smartest people in the world. :)

  • Artemis Kalatzakis

    Oh no… someone was mean to a girl on the internet. Call the fucking waambulance ! Man.. I swear these chicks on the net think people owe them some sort of 24/7 ass-kissing just because they managed to sign up for a twitter account amongst a sea of penises.

    These feminist losers want to make it impossible to be mean or hateful towards females, when males get hit with the same kind of shit and you never hear them complain. 

  • Anonymous

    You do know that she was in a western movie with Kevin Sorbo right?

  • Anonymous

    Waiting for those citations.

  • Anonymous

    First things first: How do you think patriarchy actually benefited men. If you can’t do that then me giving you academic papers on the topic is a moot point, since by definition you must be agreeing with the point.

    But if you insist on looking at anthropoly books on the topic may i suggest the following books (as they are the easiest for a lay person to get into)

    - “Egalitarianism and Machiavellian Intelligence in Human Evolution”
    - “Foucault, Subjectivity, and Identity: : Historical Constructions of Subject and Self”
    - “The Origins of Fatherhood: An Ancient Family Process”
    - “The Evolution of Human Gender Hierarchies”
    - “Women in Ancient Civilizations”.
    - “The Origins of Sex Differences in Human Behavior: Evolved Dispositions Versus Social Roles”

    Or if you just want a quick entry level lesson i’d suggest by youtube user girlwriteswhat as a great entry point.

  • Sophie

    I agree that we could use some more discussion surrounding the negative affects of masculine gendering. We actually have surprisingly little analysis of masculinity as a social construct, and this is because we see masculine behaviour as normal. As a man you are viewed as the default wherein as a woman I am seen as something differing from that default, so we study femininity because we see it as abnormal.This phenomenon is called ‘androcentrism’ and important part of feminist theory. I think this is an important role that male feminists can play. The thing about men’s rights activists (apart from their frequent misogyny) is that they come at this from the viewpoint that white straight men are the most oppressed group ever. Every so often they’ll stumble onto an actual issue (I agree, the silence surrounding male abuse and rape victims is a big problem) but they are looking at it backwards. They want to strengthen the current patriarchal system rather than overturn it. Male feminists can address how male issues exist as a part of patriarchal structure. For instance we can say male victims of relationship abuse are often ignored because women are seen as weak and not capable of doing any real damage. A good example of this is action is this TED talk called ‘The Man Box’:

    Does that make sense? 

  • Anonymous

    Women can’t moderate worth shit. 

  • Anonymous

     As a fellow dude: bugger off, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    And what would be such a bad thing about more men participating in ‘female-dominated activities’ anyway? Who’s against that? I can’t think of *any* examples of people saying ‘this thing is for women only, no dudes allowed’, but the reverse happens in geek culture all the time.

  • Anonymous

    I think that the patriarchy and concept of alpha males stereotypes hurt men in a myriad of ways. I like the idea of gender essentialism vs misandry. 

    I am planning on watching Anita’s videos and I would be willing to watch the male trope and see iif they interest me and are respectfully and thoughtfully done. 

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s pretty ridiculous for him to attack Day having never watched any of the Guild or Geek and Sundry. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh noes call a whambuluance, some women want to talk about antifemnism on the internet. 

  • Anonymous

    He claimed she doesn’t contribute anything to the industry and is just a glorified sex object….without having read or watched any of the content she’s generated. That’s plain stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Felicia to my knowledge wrote and co-produced every episode of the Guild. She’s been very vocal about the talented people who she works with.

  • Anonymous

    ‘So, some statements by the militant scary feminists, like “all heterosexual sex is rape” isn’t misandry?’

    OK, I’ve got to say something on that one. I’ve heard people throw that accusation at feminists for too long now.

    I’m not aware of any feminist who said, categorically, ‘all heterosexual sex is rape’. The one you’re probably thinking of, who came closest to saying that, is Andrea Dworkin; she said, roughly, that heterosexual sex is rape *under patriarchy*. Everyone leaves out the last bit. Now, that’s a radical position, and 99% of feminists wouldn’t agree with it, but it’s still not what people think she said. She wasn’t opposed to heterosexual sex in principle; she thought that under a patriarchal system, it’s usually an instrument of male supremacy. That’s a controversial position for sure, but I don’t think you can call it ‘misandrist’.

    …OK, rant over. To be fair, I expect there are some people who hold ‘misandrist’ opinions about women being superior to men; but no feminist has suggested that isn’t the case. The feminist argument is that, while it may be possible to point to individual instances of ‘misandry’, society as a whole generally privileges men over women, so ‘misandry’ doesn’t exist as a broad social phenomenon the way misogyny does.

  • Anonymous

    No one ever said “no women” in geek culture, whatever that is. These imaginary barriers are put up because being perceived as a victim gives women power. There is more freedom today than ever people to do whatever you want. The reality is that there is a lot of truth in the old stereotypes.

  • Anonymous

     It’s easy to assume that just because someone is widely known in certain areas of the Internet, everyone has heard of them. That just isn’t the case: the Internet, like society as a whole, is pretty compartmentalised, and there’s plenty of people like Day whose ‘fame’ extends only to a certain area. We shouldn’t judge Perez for that; all of us, however well-informed we like to think we are, have our own areas of ignorance. This xkcd comic puts it well:

    That said, of course, we *should* judge him for how he responded to Day once he discovered her, and I’m glad to see how many people have called him out on that behaviour.

  • Anonymous

    “No one ever said “no women” in geek culture, whatever that is”

    If only that were true. Just check out some of the links in this thread to see various cases of guys trying to keep women out of their favourite thing, whether that’s comics or videogames or whatever. Thankfully, most men aren’t like that, but it only takes a few to ruin it for everybody.

  • Anonymous

     ”No one ever said “no women” in geek culture, whatever that is”

    If only that were true. Just check out some of the links in this thread to see various cases of guys trying to keep women out of their favourite thing, whether that’s comics or videogames or whatever. Thankfully, most men aren’t like that, but it only takes a few to ruin it for everybody.

  • Sandgolem

    or you could have linked to the actual interview he did. I find this article about the whole incident about as one-sided and biased as any accusations it’s calling out. You should really listen to the interview with the guy. If anyone had learned their lessons about stupid comments made @ women. Its Prez.

  • Anonymous

    I tire of people who explain their actions away because of alcohol. It’s so dishonest to others and oneself.

  • Anonymous

    All words are made up dude.

  • Erin Beavers Cochran

    Honestly, this is the reason that I have not joined a lot of my friends in gaming online…I would like to, I have a severe genetic disorder and am often on bed rest, so being able to interact with the world via the internet has been great for me.  But, I don’t want to deal with sexist comments all day long, I’ve got enough to deal with.

  • Aaron Stormageddon

    Yeah, but Adam Baldwin has been known to be a douche at times (most recently on Twitter to Wil and Anne Wheaton)

  • Anonymous

    Gotta agree with the blogger who wondered where Wil was through all of the other major women-in-gaming blowups over the past few months. 

  • Rizz Rustbolt

     So maybe it’s a habit inherent in “dickish” people?


  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    I’m just interested in what he means by ‘contributing something useful’ and ‘adding something creative to the medium’. I mean, what does he do? Why can’t I ask him that?

    What does he consider creative or useful? Why is what she’s doing not creative or useful? Does that mean that what he does is creative and useful? And why is he the authority on what is creative/useful and what is not? What is the right that he has to make this decision? Does he have a certificate or badge or something? What do I do to get that certificate or badge?

    I mean, seriously. Does he want her to be at the very top and making video games with big companies? Is that what he considers creative and useful to be the industry? Then why is he not doing that? Why can’t I dismiss all of his work because he doesn’t do that?

    It’s because he’s a dude, isn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    She’s a what now? A “geek cultural icon”. Oh dear. Being a geek has changed so much it makes me feel dirty having been one back in the days. Smashing buttons on a mouse, keyboard or other controller for a random video game doesn’t make you a geek, even if you’d be the best in the world, which, honestly, is a ridiculous notion anyway. “Look at me, I’m the best in the world in random computer game 5,391″, give me a break. Same applies for people making the games.

    You know what real geeks are? The steely-eyed missile men who put Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon.

    The real geeks work at SpaceX, the phonies play Starcraft.

  • s c

    In that case, the “blasting those attacking your friends” thing would be difficult for her then. Which side would she stand on, being friends with both sides?

  • s c

    I don’t even consider myself a “casual gamer”, but I know who Felicia Day is. I’ve never heard of this Ryan guy before. Maybe this is why he did it. Talk about bad publicity though!

    Also, why can’t she ALSO be a “Booth Babe”? She’s a hottie! Poor Ryan looks like he spends every weekend alone…

  • s c

    And I wonder what the folks who pay him thought. He represents them. Do they really want this albatross who drunkenly disses folks on the Twit?

  • Clintchurion Hammerstein

    What precisely makes her ”
    one of the most beloved women in geek culture” 

    I don’t want to side with someone who made a possibly unprovoked attack, (the article is pretty murky on what started this), but she is more like a booth babe than she is like an actual geek.  She’s an Olivia Munn, and while I like her because she’s funny, she’s no geek icon.  

    formidable voice for all aspects of geek culture, including women and casual gamers .”

    That kind of says it all, doesn’t it?  She’s like Parris Hilton tweeting “Just got newest Ipad in PINK! Such a geek lol”

  • Clintchurion Hammerstein

    Because, you knob, booth babes are people who are paid models who may or may not even care about what they are selling.  They did a boat show the week before and are going to do a car show the week after.  Booth babe is an insult as in saying who are you in geek culture?  You were an actress on Buffy, did the voice for Veronica in New Vegas, and have a youtube channel talking about women’s issues and casual gaming.   That was where the rub was supposed to be

  • Jaded Empath

     Apparently not much: “They [Destructoid] also hastened to add that the popular console review site has “ended its relationship with Ryan Perez effective immediately.”"

  • Jaded Empath

     It’s not a defense in criminal court…

  • Anonymous

    We should stop talking about this guy.  He doesn’t deserve his whole 15 minutes of fame that he’s getting out of this.  After all, I doubt most of us knew who he was before he did this garbage, so why make him famous for being an idiot?

  • Anonymous

    I really want to make a joke about the “Using a colon” part of this.  But I’ll refrain.

  • Rox

    Please go read her wikipedia entry at the very least.  With a double major that included Mathematics, actual experience playing the video games that she creates media content for/of, I’d say she’s pretty far from a booth babe.  Those booth babes at the tech conventions know nothing about their product, just smile and draw attention.  She is granted “geek culture” status because she’s not just a particular brand leech, she has crossed fandom lines and thus become beloved by a larger crowd of the geek subculture.

  • Clintchurion Hammerstein

    I don’t care if she has a triple PHD in Nerd Studies, my point is what has she done?  She has a youtube about casual gaming and did Buffy, wow really impressive, she sure is a real geek and not a shameless self promoter!  She’s just Olivia Munn with a degree to back her up.  OH WOW SHE PLAYS THE GAMES SHE DOES VOICE ACTING IN?  SHE’S AS BIG OF A GEEK AS JOHN GOODMAN AND VIN DIESEL!!

  • Anonymous

    This dude is a complete idiot, but Felicia Day *is* little more than a glorified booth babe for the white, affluent “geek” community.

  • Anonymous

    So true, maselphie.

  • Wedge

    Dear all journalists ever. If you even once feel the need to insultingly ask anyone a question that stems from ignorance of material that could be learned in literally less than a single minute of reading their wikipedia entry: you are not a journalist. Hang it up, go sweep floors or dig ditches or something, find another career.

  • Gregory Allen

    I think his “apology” shows the problem in general. He doesn’t view what he did wrong. I’m sure he got lots and lots of praising emails from dipshit dudes and feels like he’s some kind of culture warrior fighting an uphill battle against all the chicks taking over his favorite hobby. He’s going to play the victim, and there are people who are going to give this douche sympathy and empowerment.

    I always wonder if these people have mothers, grandmothers, sisters, nieces, etc., and if they speak this sort of way around them, or show mommy their hateful twitter feed. Do they sit at the table on Thanksgiving and talk about how awesome the Cross Assault video was or something.

  • Anonymous

    Great! Now I know you’re an MRA and can ignore you accordingly!

  • Mary Anne Butler

    Boy I hope he gets fired.  Way too much of this goes unchecked on a daily basis towards women in all aspects of fandom/geekdom.

  • Mary Anne Butler

    Boy I hope he gets fired.  Way too much of this goes unchecked on a daily basis towards women in all aspects of fandom/geekdom.

  • BeverlyH

    I have been the object of disdain and undermining of my intelligence by the gaming community since I first played D and D back in my 20′s. Now in my 50′s and a 2 time a week board gamer, I don’t bother to try to prove my intelligence to the majority of men who play baord games and are  all programmers. They seem to think that any other discipline of education makes you dumb. Having a masters degree in science, I disagree. It may never change. 

  • Charles Storey

    She is out of line . From what I see she needs to check her anger at the door. U are suppose to protect the ones dear to you . This female is tripping.

  • Anonymous

    i love how often you resort to appeal to motive.

  • Anonymous

    You’ve heard of angry drunks? apparently he’s an accurate spelling, grammar & syntax drunk. :)

  • Mark Wyman

    The reason his career “imploded” was because with those posts he, as a ‘blogger-to-geeks’, was stating that he just didn’t get geek culture. 
    Kind of like a lawyer telling the bar association that he doesn’t get the whole constitutional democracy thing.

  • – Sebastian P

    I have never heard of Destructoid before this.

    Time to get drunk and yell at them on Twitter ^^;

    Seriously though, are they important in any way? I have to be honest, I love Buffy but never really noticed Felicia before she was on Dr. Horrible either, but how on earth can someone pretend he didn’t know about one of the most well-known online video series there is?

    To be honest the guy seems to be burnt for life by this.

    I mean it’s one thing to be like a misogynist – that only makes him an asshole. But covering that up by lying your ass off just so he doesn’t have to admit it? That also makes him a humongous liar and a bad journalist.

  • Anonymous

    What he said was true. Icons like her are what’s wrong with gamers. I tried watching the guild to give her a fair shot and it’s unwatchable IMO. She’s a geek girl who is cute who likes geeky things. That’s it. She preys on the weakness of gamer guys who suck with woman. That said, I do respect how she isn’t one of these gamer girl militant feminists that seem to be popping out of the wood work. What Day is doing is harmless. What those femnazis are doing is dangerous and destructive.

  • Anonymous

    Patriarchy, in this article, is being used to define a system of structures, values, and norms that are created by and for the valuation of men. By it’s very nature, patriarchy favors men and boys.It is extensively used in modern and post-modern anthropology. See: Taussig, Abu-Lughod, Povinelli, Mead, Engles.

  • Anonymous

    For starters there is no such thing as post modern anthropology & i really wish people would stop adding the words “post modern” to things when what they mean to say “opposite of fact.”

    Post modern anthropology is what people with blogs do & its got nothing to do with culutural anthropology. In fact Post modern anthropology is a master class in talking bullshit without ever saying anything. the leading master in cultural amnesia & language co-option.

    Antropology is to Post modern anthropology, what demonstrable reality is to reality TV.

  • Sharon

    I observe similarities between this writer and a staff member at the University at Buffalo who works in the english department by the name of Dimitri Anastopoulos.  If mr. perez is crazy due to any self observatiosn of lack, then mr anastopoulos is way worse.  If you have ever been to Buffalo you will fully understand just what sort of cesspool poses as writers there.  Mr. Anastospoulos is giving the department a bad name.   Besides any one of you reading this could become mister perez

  • Anonymous

    Nope, postmodernist social theory endeavors to critique hegemony and examine relations of power, it’s a real thing.

  • The Vomitorium

    Sounds like he’s just trying to be controversial to gain more notoriety, and sadly it looks like it worked if he’s already getting job offers like the article above suggests. Wanna place your bets that he’ll suddenly start writing more insulting “controversial” pieces and attacking random gaming/Internet celebs just to boost his ratings. “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” as they say, although sooner or later he’ll attack the wrong person and end up completely killing any career he’s managed to salvage.

    Perhaps he didn’t get enough attention as a kid or something. :-S

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry Kelly, but you can keep on saying it as much as you like, its still not a real academic field.

  • Eric Robbins

    Destructioid has been very involved with the Tropes vs Women debate. They’ve had a lot of great articles. So don’t let one sexist asshole taint the image of a site that has been a pretty big part of the conversation. Maybe the fact that the site he worked for was fighting in favor of women in gaming is what pissed Perez off in the first place. He kept hearing about the strong female presence someone like Day has, and he thought he’d take her down a peg for simply existing. 

  • Laura Eve Naylor

    Diminishing her to a ‘booth babe’ and attacking her personally  was misogynist and pathetic but I think the argument he was stupidly and crudely putting forward was a different one.
    I’ve enjoyed Felicia Day in her roles but I do consider her to be a personality rather than an icon. It does become unnerving trying to express that opinion, even without any hostility to others, because she has such a cult of personality that I immediately get yelled at as if I was being cruel.  I don’t know why people are so fired up of late around the ‘Nerd’ issue, I’m beginning to wish it hadn’t gained some stupid kitsch popularity in current culture.What he was trying to say is he doesn’t understand her following, which is no way her fault so should have in no way been an attack against her at all, he also should have turned his moron filter off. Although being fired for expressing an opinion, no matter how unpleasant, is something of a first amendment issue isn’t it?

  • anilineblack

    The first bio said something about how enjoys women’s breasts at the end of it, although not as well phrased. 

  • francisco garay

    Felicia Day is a genuine gamer and fellow enthusiast. She plays “Realm of the Mad God”, which is a probably the most awesomest game no one has heard of, and she raves about it, which is more than proof because if you’ve played that game once you would know how much it rocks.

    I have known really attractive girls who play games, and Felicia Day is probably a solid 8, which isn’t bad, but what she lacks in super hot sexiness (which she doesn’t) she makes up for in being a major geek, she is nerdier than me and that is saying a lot. She is also smart, and is letting the geek out and making money doing so…

    The dude talking smack about her needs to just go back to his mom’s basement and play “World of Warcraft Pandamoniuous” edition and ride his sandbox mount. (Blizzard Fai).

  • francisco garay

    Alcohol really just lets out your demons. This is who you truly are when you turn of the good switch. The guy is just a straight hater.

  • francisco garay

    Well the dudes that pay him don’t know about blogs at all. They will continue paying him, but there is one thing about net personas and that is that on the net, you can get away with a lot more than on TV or movies.

    This is the black market of emotions and trash talk. Though I disagree with him, I will say that the internet is the only place for free speech. Just think about all the racism and sexual harrassment happening in any given MMO at any given time. Worst, just play 2 minutes of Black Ops with voice chat on.

    This guy is a dick, and his ideas suck but, whatever, we just troll his ass back. IMO.

  • Anonymous

    It is not a matter if being female or not, it is the fact that she is annoying and needs to go away.