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Dark Knight Rises Statues Give Us Our Best Look At Catwoman Yet

The world was clamoring for every set photo they could get their hands on from The Dark Knight Rises to see just what Anne Hathaway looked like in the Catwoman costume, when all they had to do was wait for the tie-in toys to be revealed. Thanks to a blogger taking a few shots of a preview magazine, we’ve got a really good look at TDKR’s Catwoman. And Bane and Batman to boot. 

The images come via the Idle Hands toy blog and show us Batman, Catwoman and Bane in a few different forms. Here’s the 12 inch Catwoman statue, on sale in July.

The heels don’t look exactly as they’ve been described in the past but not being able to see them from all angles, it’s hard to tell. Here’s the starring trio.

These are the busts coming one month earlier, in June.

Now these next two are action figures and the sculpts still in progress but they too show some great detail on the costumes.

What do you think of the new figures? It’s worth noting they actually call the Hathway figures Catwoman and not Selina Kyle. You can check out some other new DC figures from Ame-Comi to Arkham City and a few New 52 statues as well at Idle Hands.

(via Idle Hands)

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  • Marty Shaw

    Is there a reason the sexy girl is on her knees in front of the two guys? Interesting how the marketing gurus put all of that together. Batman and Bane too macho to kneel?

  • Richard Rosewall

    I don’t understand the hatred for the Catwoman costume — I really like it. It’s sexy and looks like it all serves a purpose.

    In Nolan We Trust.

  • Anonymous

    Yes…yes they are. Besides Catwomen isn’t kneeling she is crouching. I doubt Bane can do that because he is top heavy and would fall over and be stuck like a turtle on his back. AND Batman doesn’t crouch he stalks and that takes shadows and sneakery.

  • Anonymous

    The better to show off her posterior, my dear.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll never get over how they keep giving Catwoman the must impractical shoes possible. Sprained and broken ankles… WHATEVER GOTTA LOOK SEXY 

  • Bri H

    I 90% agree with you. The other 10% of me is okay with it, since she has knives hidden in her heels.

    And that’s just awesome

  • Katie

    I find the crouch to be a very ‘cat-like’ pose. It seems to be more about her character than gender.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    That seems like a really useless weapon. Why can’t she have a cat-knife that she cat-stabs dudes with? Or a cat-gun…that shoots either bullets or cats. I’m not sure which would be better. The whip wasn’t anymore practical but at least it had history. I can’t imagine the strain on her muscles if she has to balance on one heel while simultaneously launching her other leg up high enough to make contact…assuming she goes for the face and/or torso and doesn’t Bruce Lee people in the shins.

    Ooh! Or a cat-zooka!

  • Abel Undercity

    Or even – call me crazy, but bear with me! – claws?

  • Jorell Rivera

    I guess if she’s gonna wear heels, then knife-heels are the best way to go. All of the statues are really well sculpted, I have to say.

  • Adam Whitley

    She needs a gun that shoots cats with knives between their teeth. That would totally rule.

  • Jen

    You’d crouch too, after wearing those shoes. The havoc it’d wreak on your back. Side note: not all fighting takes place on solid terrain. Those heels only good for city fighting. A grass lot, some gravel, mud or marsh, and you’ve just got knife heels… IN THE GROUND. Fun times.

    That weakness of heels aside, the statues are hoss. I love Catwoman’s costume. Goes from   work to a cocktail party in a cinch. And I’m being serious.

  • SailorAstarte

    I wish the unfinished action figure at the bottom was released as is; it looks really cool, and you can really see the detail of the costume. It makes her look much more “Catwoman” and less “Trying To Be Catwoman.”

  • Anonymous

    Except, she’s looking over her shoulder, which just makes it the age-old “look at my bum AND my rack, big boy” pose that a lot of female characters are contorted into only for the sake of T&A.

    Frankly, to me, it looks like she’s going to the bathroom in the woods. =P At least Batman has a distinct crotch region (he’s not in a sexual pose, though …)

  • Anonymous

    Do you know what really bugs me? Catwoman’s hair. I realise it has history in the comics, but ferchrissakes what kind of cat burglar would let their long, flowing hair out considering the advances in forensics?  It seems incredibly silly to cover every inch of you up except the most easily detachable part…

  • Anonymous

    I just realized how incredibly ironic it is that themarysue-logo is in the same impossible t&a pose that we are always hating on. Maybe we should change that – or is it also a subtle critique of the society-based male gaze?

  • Anna B

    If all you can get out of the costume is “sexy” and, really, I couldn’t see where it shows how “it all serves a purpose” then I suppose that’s what’s kinda wrong with it.

    I like Nolan. I really, really do, but it doesn’t mean he couldn’t slip up sometimes.

    But be that as it may, I don’t think the huge objection is with the costume (though the shoes are dreadfully problematic). It’s the poses. Once again, the lady is objectified.

  • Anna B

    Or cat claws? Take a page out of Wolverine and have retractable razors coming out of the back of her hands. 

  • Anna B

    Not even in the city. There are grates on the sidewalk. Those things’ll catch. 

  • Anna B

    But see, I didn’t even think of Batman’s crotch until you mentioned it. :P  Whereas looking at Catwoman, well, you said it. “look at my bum AND my rack, big boy”

  • Amando Savi

    The issue is this: you like or don’t like the sculpture. It’s not objectification. Sculpture is objectifying by definition.

  • super

    If you saw a woman wearing that outfit walking up to you and you were a security guard.  At first you would be totally distracted.  So unlike batman outfit which causes hesitation based on fear, the catwoman outfit causes hesitation for another reason. ;)

  • Anna B

    Okay… but the discussion is not the quality of the sculpture and how it was made, it’s the idea that it’s putting out there. In this case, Catwoman (read: women in general) is being portrayed, not just as a lady villain, but a lady villain who’s crouched in a pose showing her ass and projecting her breasts.  So when I say “objectified” it isn’t that it’s a sculpture that is objectifying by definition, but a sculpture that, once again, portrays a stereotypical pose of a woman in a comic-book-superhero-based fiction.  Is that clearer?

  • Life Lessons

    I FRAKKIN’ HATE THE HEELS! But love the rest of Catwoman’s look. :) I’m looking forward to the movie and Anne Hathaway tearing the role up.

  • Amanda Jean Carroll


  • Amanda Jean Carroll

    I guess I was hoping that maybe that was just an early Catwoman costume, or something, that she’d eventually move on to something better, but sadly, no. Catwoman is a self-sexualized character, so the pose of the statue isn’t as grating as it might be otherwise (though it’s still not very original or interesting — it would have been more interesting to show off her powers of stealth and agility, since the men’s poses are all strength and bravado). But those boots are nothing but stupid (even if she *is* maybe a little meta, you can’t make METAL HEELS silent or remove the insane risk of ankle breaking). And knives in heels? That’s nothing but a lame, stupid excuse.”No no! They’re a weapon! It’s not objectifying! It’s badass!”
     And the mask is absolutely lame, which is sad since it’s the one thing that serves a practical purpose. 
    None of which even touches on the HAIR. Catwoman has black hair. Modern incarnations have short black hair. Anne Hathaway cut her hair for one of her recent movies — she clearly was willing to do it. I’m sure that dying it black wouldn’t have been a big deal. But they just didn’t bother, either because they simply don’t care or because Nolan has a thing for girls with long brown hair. They clearly thought making her look like a cat in any but the most subtle way was lame, but if they couldn’t even redeem themselves by making her practical and no interest in keeping any visual similarity to any comic book incarnation of Catwomon, I have no interest in seeing the shoddy characterization she’s likely to have in the movie. 

  • Anonymous

    Catwoman’s costume is based on “cats” right? Am I alone in thinking that cats known for their agility and balance and probably shouldn’t be given heals to prance around in??


  • Nikki Lincoln

    Luckily Gotham City is… a city. I wear heels that height all of the time and my back is fine. And the further comment about the grates – you can walk around them or put the weight on the front of your feet (which is what you would do if you were running anyways – and not just in heels). The heels, unlike in most cases, actually do serve a purpose as they are supposed to be a metal weapon of sorts. 

  • Nikki Lincoln

    Actually, cats don’t walk on their heels. If you look at the way the shoes are designed, they have extra weight under the balls of her feet which is where cats put most of the pressure. That should act as a counter balance when she runs. If you look at the right foot in the 2nd picture, it actually looks a lot like a cat’s. 

  • Anonymous

    I think the best question to ask yourself is, would you like to run around and jump off buildings wearing those babies?…I think no.

    I have to remember this is a movie though, logic has to take a backseat…

  • Anonymous

    Whatever rack you’re talking about is covered by her arm. I agree with Katie about the pose being more stealthy than contorted for T&A

  • Anonymous

    Whatever rack you’re talking about is covered by her arm. I agree with Katie about the pose being more stealthy than contorted for T&A.

    It’s definitely better than Arkham City Catwoman.

  • Anonymous

    I like it too. Sexy and classy.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I get the ass part but “projecting her breasts”? Where? If you look at the crouching pose, it’s covered by her arm.

    Also, on the unfinished one, you can see that her breast are normal sized and not at all balloons.

    I certainly don’t think this is bad at all.

  • Katie

    I still think that it’s very cat-like. Her but it’s stuck out at on odd angle, and she isn’t leaning forward like in other “provocative” crouches (or the 6″ figure shown here).

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I agree, but the pose is still very much the same thing. It’s still very much “look at my butt” otherwise, she would be looking forward.

  • Nika Kalantar

    Uh-uh, and after that tell me that Nolan’s Batman is rooted in reality… I don’t like Catwoman as character and her latexwear was always annoying but seriously? If the current comicbook costume is more practical than your  live-action design, guess what, you’re doing something wrong!

  • Nika Kalantar

    Well, considering how bad Nolan is at women period, this shouldn’t have surprised us. Of course this takes a whole new level is stupid.
    On the hair: well, the colour isn’t really important but the way she wears it is, even Silver Age Catwoman had a hood or something with her long hair, you know, so at least it wouldn’t get in the eyes.

  • Anna B

    It’s not even covered by her arm. It’s bulging at the top. So in anatomical sense, she pressing them up. Granted, her breasts aren’t size DDD like the usual superheroes, but it seems that the overall idea is that she’s a sexy villain. I don’t mind my villains good looking, but I’m frankly tired of looking at these poses and thinking, “Oh well, and yet again, it’s all about her lady parts.” 

    Sp she’s a cat. We get it already. But I can think of half a dozen poses that can make her look bad-ass, without the usual butt and boob emphasis.

  • Nika Kalantar

    That’s assuming everyone has the same taste.
    Also, the ‘using looks as a distraction’ technique surely has gotten old by now or Gotham only has super-geniuses and cretins for it’s citizens

  • Nika Kalantar

    When there’s five dudes surrounding you, no way do you have the luxury of stepping around grates. Also, Gotham has parks, pretty sure that anyone with half a brain would figure out Catwoman can’t enter those and just chill there.

  • Eric Bazilio

    Here to hoping that the age-old “Trailers and marketing always lie” trope is still in full effect in regards to Catwoman.

  • Nikki Lincoln

    While I haven’t looked over the official city plans of Gotham City, I can tell you that I have not yet found a park in Arkham City and Catwoman has not stepped in any grates. 

  • Nikki Lincoln

    I really get tired of the constant complaints about women in heels on this site. I wear heels all the time – I still walk, cross the street, step over grates, run after the bus, etc. Am I fighting a mob of villains? No, but I like the way I look and feel in heels and that goes triple-fold for boots where there is more support, even with a heel. Who’s to say Catwoman or Harley Quinn or whoever else doesn’t either? 

    On top of all that – we aren’t talking about a video game or something here – this is a live action movie. I think that Anne Hathaway is a big enough star where she could get a wardrobe adjustment if it was impossible to do her moves in the boots. Again – would someone in real life be able to do some of the things she does while wearing those shoes? Probably not, but then again, I probably couldn’t do them if I was wearing Toms or running shoes or (insert shoe of choice for scaling buildings, riding motorcycles, and being a cat burglar). It’s a movie – you have to suspend reality for a while. Remember in the last movie when we found out Batman couldn’t turn his head? I have a feeling it would be pretty hard to fight a mob of bad guys while under a hallucinatory agent… just like he did in the first movie, but it’s a movie so we suspend our disbelief and enjoy the special effects.

    The thing is – Catwoman’s outfit has always been designed to show off her assets. I know there have been plenty of complaints about that as well so how about this – has anyone on here ever complained about the peck & 6-pack shaped suit that Batman wears? How about the obvious bulge? Nope! Catwoman isn’t the only sexualized character here. This goes both ways.  

    What bugs me the most is that all of the above impracticalities aside – it has been pointed out several times that the heels serve a purpose as they are hiding some sort of blade. Yet, that information is conveniently overlooked. Complaining about non-issues is what has driven me away from girl site after girl site and I really like this one so can we simmer down now? Can we be happy that Nolan is finally putting a strong female lead in his Batman series? If we have to complain about a Catwoman, can it be the one in Arkham City? Or Halle Berry? At least until the movie comes out and we see everything in action?

    End rant.

  • Nikki Lincoln

    What shoes would YOU wear to jump off buildings? Unless you have some Aperture Heel Springs, I think you’re screwed no matter what you have on… because it’s a movie. 

  • Nika Kalantar

    Seen many parkour women on heels, have you?

  • Nika Kalantar

    If there aren’t any parks in Gotham then what are those green leafy places Poison Ivy likes to hang out at and turn into jungles?

  • Nika Kalantar

    That is because the six-pack, is meant to convey strength and mass and physical power. Yes, all superheroes are objectified but in a different way.
    You do know that people use wires and mattresses and various takes to shoot fight-scenes? Or that people fighting have long before agreed how they will fight and timed each punch perfectly?
    Also, saying that people have never complained about a Batman costume… So everyone comparing all the movies doesn’t count? Have you ever seen a Batman discussion where some prissy person would not bring up the Bat-nipples or Adam West’s undies?
    I get what you’re saying, but the the whole Dark Knight franchise rides on “realism” which I fail to see. I also get annoyed that once non live-action depictions of the character start being more and more practical this thing throws us back into the dark ages.

  • Eric Guess

    That’s no crouch

  • Nikki Lincoln

    Fair but since Poison Ivy isn’t in this film, Catwoman doesn’t have a ton of need to hide in parks. 

  • Nikki Lincoln

    Haven’t seen many parkour women in general…

  • Nikki Lincoln

    I wasn’t saying no one has ever complained before – I was pointing out how the only complaints here were about Catwoman. Yes, I know they use wires and things but I’m sure Anne Hathaway has had to do some level of walking/running/fighting/movement in the shoes. I think it’s kind of silly that just because some people chose not to wear heels, you assume that no one can walk or move in them. Today, for the 100th time, I ran to catch my bus while wearing heeled boots that were much more precarious than what she has in the movie. I lived to tell the tale. It’s not as ridiculous as you claim. Even if his world is rooted in “realism” it still isn’t realistic – it’s still a movie with ridiculous special effects and explosions. It’s these kinds of fights about dumb things like heels that keep women pitted against each other. For every woman who thinks women should not wear heels in action movies, there is another that thinks wearing heels makes you feel sexy and powerful, like I do. Maybe that powerful feeling is enough to overcompensate for the physical hindrance - but trust me, as someone who wears heels often, if you wear them a lot you get really used to being able to run or kick or not step in grates or grass. Catwoman, if anyone, seems like the kind of character that would love wearing heels for that feeling – to be able to say “I wear heels and look fantastic and I can STILL take you down in a fight.” There are plenty of times I’ve put on some heeled boots and felt EXACTLY like that, and then walked around the city (the notoriously hilly San Francisco), managed to keep from getting stuck in grass or a grate, and then ran after a bus because I never seem to get the timing right.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Oh, god! Claws. Then she could climb, cut through glass…very cat-like.

  • Sean Irvin

    Also, look at the damn cod piece on that batman figure – wtf?!  lmao

  • Anonymous

    If my dreams are right, the new —- woman will look similiar but have electricity shooting out of her fingers and freedom will be her name and prisons will be her enemy. Lilith will be her alias and she will be the 2012 archetype to New Earth.