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Why Not Do It With Some Style?

The Wonderful Costumes Of WonderCon

Earlier today we brought you an adorable father/daughter cosplay from WonderCon. We didn’t get to attend the convention this year, and perhaps neither did you so we figured, why not show you some more awesome costumes attendees wore this weekend? There were plenty. Let’s start off here with some delightful Disney cosplay: Tiana, the Evil Queen from Snow White, and Maid Marian! (via Nathan Rupert) Hit the jump for lots more! 

The cast of She-Ra, sans She-Ra. (via photofg)

It’s a lady Data from Star Trek: First Contact (via Strange Like That)

While we’re swapping genders here, a lady Magneto. (via photofg)

Adorable Tintin and Snowy. (via DTJAAAAM)

Equally adorable little girl in R2D2. (via Mr. Muggles) Apparently this was a thing, there’s other pictures floating around online with different kids sitting in the droid.

An excellent Joker. (via Mr. Muggles)

A very well-done Kaylee from Firefly. (via Mr. Muggles)

I see what they did there. (via Mr. Muggles)

It’s the Rule 63 Justice League! They were at the con last year but had even more in their group this time. (via Kit Quinn)

Pete White and Billy Quizboy from The Venture Bros. (via Lifestyles of the Broke and Famous)

I love a good TARDIS dress. (via impalergeneral)

Obviously this is only the tip of the iceberg, tumblr and flickr have tons more from the entire weekend. Did you attend WonderCon? What was your favorite costume you saw (in person or online)?

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  • Mac Beauvais

    Thanks for posting my Data picture! I’m still damn proud of how the makeup turned out.

    I also saw a lot of these cosplayers in person and they all looked phenomenal!

  • Frodo Baggins

    Genderswitched Wonder Woman looks… not at all ridiculous, actually.

  • Anonymous

    omg I was just thinking that.

  • Anonymous

    Your Data is FANTASTIC! The makeup is amazing!

  • Michelle

    That little Tintin is incredible! 

  • Kayla Rose Graham

    Oh god… gender-bent Zatann (far right of the gender-bent JL photo) is my ex… XD

  • Angela Fortin

    Wow, some amazing costumes there. Never get tired of seeing the gender-swapped Justice League cosplayers, they are one of my very favorite things on the internets.

  • Anonymous

    There’s something about Man Black Canary… I, I don’t like it!

  • Anonymous

    And THAT’S how you do The Joker.
    One more haphazardly smeared makeup and bondage pants Joker and I’ll scream.

  • Alana Beltzer

    I loved seeing the gender-swapped Justice League in person. Power Guy is sooooo hot! Wonder Man is not too shabby either ;) /shallow

  • Anonymous

    You should be proud! I can’t work out which side of your face is real…

  • Anonymous

    He’s amazing. It’s like he’s eating my soul with his eyes through the screen of my laptop.

  • Anonymous

    TINY TINTIN AND R2D2! Why does it always seem better when kids cosplay…

  • Anonymous

    Dat joker is dapper as fudge.

  • Emily Herrington