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Someone Bought Chewbacca’s Head For $172,200

A Chewbacca headpiece worn by actor Peter Mayhew in the original Star Wars trilogy just sold at auction for a lot of money (plus a few other props). This is interesting news but I can’t help but think, “I thought it smelled bad on the outside…”

“A Chewbacca headpiece used in the original Star Wars trilogy sold for $172,200 ($140,000 plus $32,200 buyer’s premium) at a Profiles in History auction,” writes The Hollywood Reporter. “Profiles described it as the finest ‘screen correct’ Chewbacca headpiece in private hands. It comprises a screen-used full-head cowl finished with period-made facial pieces, such as the front jaw, nose, teeth and tongue.”

Ewww, Wookie tongue! Ok, maybe I’m the only one grossed out by this but I can’t imagine something of this nature looks or smells too great after 30 years.

The buyer got more than just Chewie’s head for the $172k though, they also got autographed photos from Mayhew and from the designer of the suit, Stuart Freeborn.

The auction also included, “a screen-used blaster rifle from the first Star Wars movie, which sold for $104,550 ($85,000 plus buyer’s premium of $19,550).” Someone also walked away with concept art that was the inspiration for the classic poster by Tom Jung for $73,800.

But the camera George Lucas used to film the movies still stands as the most expensive bit of Star Wars memorabilia ever sold at $625,000.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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  • Magic Xylophone

    Boy, and Han thought he had a price on his head.

  • Douglas Morris

    no thank you!