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  1. Things We Saw Today: Disney Infinity 3.0‘s Ahsoka Figurine Is One BAMF

    Let the hype flow through you.

    We're already big fans of Disney Infinity, and Disney Infinity 3.0's Ahsoka makes an incredible addition. Wallet, you must be sacrificed to the cause.

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  2. Paul Feig Ain’t Afraid of No All-Male Ghostbusters, Urges Hollywood to Start Hiring Funny Ladies

    "More people have to hire these people, and don’t leave it to me, because I can only do so many movies."

    "The problem is, I’ve got so many amazing women that I know, and I can’t write movies that have enough parts for everybody. There’s so many women I haven’t worked with yet who I’m desperate to work with. "

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  3. Save the Clone, Save the World: Heroes Reborn Casts Orphan Black‘s Dylan Bruce

    Damn right.

    I'm so reluctant to give Heroes Reborn my attention, but NBC sure knows what I like.

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  4. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Return to SNL with Their Own Weekend Update Action Figures

    Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

    Will you nerds be at SDCC this year? So will two of our favorite ladies!

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  5. Hey Girl, We Will Await This Feminist Mad Max Meme in Valhalla

    Look what Ryan Gosling hath wrought.

    This is what the misogynists were worried about: endlessly meme-able lessons in gender roles.

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  6. New Ant-Man Stills and Details on “Dark” New Script Released


    As part of an Empire Magazine Ant-Man cover story (featuring renowned animorph Paul Rudd), new stills from the upcoming film have been released and give us a clear look at Scott Lang, Hope Van Dyne, and Hank Pym.

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  7. Animated Video Adorably Debunks Common Myths About Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

    What do you guys think of this TED-Ed explanation?

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  8. “Still a Fairytale”: A More Detailed Look at How Trans-friendly STEM Jobs Are

    A few weeks ago we posted an article on how trans-friendly STEM jobs are. Many of our trans readers responded with their own stories.

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  9. Tyler James Williams Talks Miles Morales and the Lack of Young, Black Superheroes; Confirms Jaden Smith to Play Static Shock

    "It's about time. I would love to see it now, but I would hate to see it not done right."

    Today in "we could have had it all" news, The Walking Dead and Everybody Hates Chris star Tyler James Williams has said he's read for Marvel and would "absolutely love" to play Spider-Man.

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  10. Showtime Now Making 18 New Episodes of Twin Peaks, Angelo Badalamenti Set to Return

    Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song and there's always music in the air.

    Showtime seems determined to do its new season of Twin Peaks right: according to new details revealed at this weekend's Crypticon, the season will be nearly twice as long as originally projected, will feature a score from original composer and perpetual bad-ass Angelo Badalamenti, and will be filmed on the Washington State set.

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  11. George Miller Confirms Fury Road Sequel; Flame-Throwing Guitarist Conducts Very Important Interview

    It's a living.

    The Andrew W.K. of water wars.

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  12. WeLoveFine’s Awesome Spider-Gwen Collection Hits the Jackpot

    ♫ Spider-Leth, Spider-Leth ♫

    WeLoveFine's Spider-Gwen line just became available for pre-order, and holy heck is it bad-ass.

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  13. Rose Byrne Sides with the ACLU, Calls Hollywood out on Illegal, Sexist Hiring Practices

    "It is beyond just misogyny. It’s legitimate discrimination based on gender, which is illegal."

    Rose Byrne is living proof that working independently to get ladies the opportunities they deserve doesn't mean you can't also call out the film industry's systemic (and obviously illegal) sexism.

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  14. Netflix Releases Cast Images for New Wet Hot American Summer, Can of Mixed Vegetables Still Looks Good

    Let's make a day of it!

    Netflix has finally shared first-look images of the cast for their Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp prequel series.

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  15. Clap If You Believe? Reese Witherspoon to Play Tinkerbell in Live-Action Movie

    Snaps for Tink!

    It's hard to imagine a Peter Pan adaptation that doesn't fill me with the rage of a thousand fiery suns, but on the plus side... Elle Woods!

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  16. Emilia Clarke Fights to Save the World in New Terminator: Genisys TV Spot

    I'd say we're in good hands.

    July 1st will be here so soon! What do you think of Terminator:Genisys so far, gang?

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  17. Race to Hitch Mountain: The Rock Marries Fan Couple in Surprise Ceremony

    Can you smell what The Rock is officiating?

    In general I'm not a fan of pranks, particularly ones that put the prank-ee in an initially uncomfortable position or require them to feign enthusiasm in front of a crowd, but considering the bride and groom's history of being epic Rock fans, I'm tentatively on board for this one. Besides, what says "true love" more than a ceremony filled with earthquake metaphors?

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  18. Ready Your Queue, Here Are All the Netflix Titles We’re Gaining and Losing in June

    ♫ Islands in the stream ♫

    It's that time again!

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  19. First Trailer for Batkid Documentary Batkid Begins Is Here, Just as Emotional as You’d Expect

    The hero Gotham deserves.

    New Line Cinema's documentary chronicling the heroics of cancer survivor Miles Scott and the support he received from the San Francisco community will be out on June 26th before expanding to a wider release in July. Ready your tissues and crime-fighting gear.

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  20. The Mary Sue Exclusive: A LEGO Brickumentary Clip Celebrates Ladies Who LEGO

    That Rivendell, tho.

    In this exclusive clip from the Jason Bateman-narrated A LEGO Brickumentary, champion builder Alice Finch shows off her incredible model of Rivendell and talks about LEGO's increasingly gender-neutral focus and the importance of teaching girls to build.

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