I’m Away Laughing on a Fast Camel

One last ride.
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Today is my last day at the good ship TMS, and I’ve got a lot of people to thank for making my years at Geekosystem and The Mary Sue so rewarding.


First off: thank you, The Mary Sue readers. I am very fortunate to have had a chance to work with such an invested, passionate, and kind community; The Mary Sue commenters have spoiled me for all other comment sections everywhere. Thank you in particular to our subscribers, who have wowed me with their generosity. I obviously appreciate the financial commitment you’ve made in deciding to support the site, but I’m also humbled by the thoughtfulness many of you have shown in your comments to us over email and social media or during the subscriber live chats. It was a privilege to make #content for you.

I also want to thank the countless contributors I’ve worked with over the past year. Bless you for your patience with me, for the passion you’ve all brought to your writing, and for your infinite understanding during all the recent changes. I am honored to have worked with such a kind, brave, smart group of nerds. You’ll now be in the very capable hands of The Mary Sue’s new contributor coordinator, Sam Riedel, long may she reign.

Every one of the staff writers I’ve worked with at Abrams Media is a lovely human being. Every single one. Special thanks go to Glen Tickle, without whom I might still be a lint roller salesperson, which is an actual part-time job I had and might still have if Glen hadn’t taken a chance on me and offered me a fellowship opportunity at Geekosystem. I also want to give snaps to Jill Pantozzi, for her generosity and for welcoming me onto The Mary Sue staff; Victoria McNally, for helping me grow as a writer and a human; and to Dan Van Winkle. Dan is a true mensch and great editor whose thoughtfulness and sense of humor made even the most challenging days salvageable. Also thanks to (deep breath) Sam Maggs, Rebecca, Susana, our great video editor Alec, Teresa, Charline, Maddy, Jessica, Carly, Emily, Alanna, and Becky, for being, over the years, the best coworkers and friends a gal could ask for.

I’m leaving for a new opportunity I’m very excited for, and that I’ll be talking about more soon, but I will miss you all. Please feel free to stay in touch over Twitter or email or Owl Post.

HAGS, y’all. It’s been very real.

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