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  1. Things We Saw Today: The Captain Picard Facepalm, Immortalized In Cookie Form

    Make it dough.

    I think Jenn of JustJenn Recipes earned an extra pip with this batch.

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  2. Hot Toys’ Gamora Figure Will Beat Up All Your Other Figures


    At this time, we can neither confirm nor deny reports that Hot Toys has successfully cloned Zoe Saldana. Nor can we confirm that they are in possession of a shrink ray.

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  3. This Hurts You: The Mass Effect Honest Trailer

    Those elevators are no freaking joke.

    When we of the weekend editorial team aren't doing our actual jobs, there's an extremely high chance that we're talking about Mass Effect. We're also of the opinion that parody is one of the highest forms of affection, so we were pretty stoked that the always-scathing Honest Trailers set their sights on our favorite game franchise (on the Citadel). Yes, your favorite squad member gets skewered. Yes, they rag on the ending. Yes, "Captain Janeway fantasies" is my new favorite euphemism.

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  4. Plan Your Travels Through Westeros With This Detailed Subway Map

    One ticket to Sunspear, please.

    I can't decide whether a Westerosi public transit system would be a safer method of travel than hoofing it down the King's Road. I mean, on the one hand, it'd decrease the risk of ambushes. But on the other, can you imagine a contained fight within a subway car, complete with morning stars and archers? Is there even enough space inside a subway car to properly swing a sword? Is there a separate car for horses?

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  5. “Miss Possible” Dolls Teach Young Girls About Historical Role Models

    WTB Ada Lovelace doll PST

    Behold the latest Barbie-challenger to enter the field: Miss Possible, an as-of-yet conceptual line of dolls designed to introduce young'uns to inspiring women in history.

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  6. Chris Pratt Gives Us A Quick Tour Of Peter Quill’s Ship [VIDEO]

    You had me at "practical set pieces."

    As someone who has spent most of her life dreaming of living in a spaceship, I love stuff like this. In this MTV Cribs-style clip, Chris Pratt shows off the interior of the Milano set, complete with candy wrappers and tapedecks. I'm a little smitten with the animated displays on the flight controls. I want some in my own home. I don't even need them to do anything.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: A Precious Pack of Pikachus

    Say that five times fast.

    I want to go to there.

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  8. If You Could Do With Some Top Notch X-Women Artwork Today, Report Here

    Scarlet Witches get stuff done.

    It's always a good morning when I discover some new artwork my Tumblr dash. Today's find is Peter V Nguyen, the comic artist behind this marvelous batch of women from the X-Men universe. The use of color is gorgeous, and I dig the serious tone. I don't know about you guys, but I'd definitely be down to see this team in action. Or battling each other. Or whatever. They could spend an entire issue sitting around drinking tea and I'd read it.

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  9. The Regulars Are Coming: Sleepy Hollow Gets A New Season Two Trailer

    Hell yes.

    Before Sleepy Hollow, I didn't know I had a need for a Revolutionary War-flavored supernatural police drama, but thank god that niche has been filled. Abbie and Ichabod are coming back on September 22, and I can't wait. This new promo for season two has everything I've been missing: John Noble being sinister. Ichabod learning the finer points of a fist bump. Musket-wielding soldiers rising from the grave. It's going to be great.

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  10. Bill Murray Cast In Disney’s Live-Action Jungle Book

    Forget about your worries and your strife!

    I still don't know how I feel about Disney's upcoming live-action Jungle Book remake, but wow, that cast list is getting ridiculous. Ridiculous, I say!

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