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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Posts by Becky Chambers

This Exists... Because of A Lady

Gather ‘Round, Bibliophiles, For A Crash Course on Jane Eyre [Video]

Reader, if you would enjoy nothing better than to spend an evening debating feminist themes in Victorian literature, then this is the video (and likely, the comment thread) for you. In this episode of Crash Course, host John Green picks apart Charlotte Brontë’s masterwork, including her personal history, the plot of the novel, and the tip of the interpretive iceberg. Go make some popcorn.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A Life-Size Replica of Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite

Yes, for a mere $7000, Han Solo can become your favorite decoration, too. You’ll have to practice the evil laughter on your own, though. (via Collider)


Cautiously Optimistic

Lynda Carter On Gal Gadot and the Return of Wonder Woman

Glad as I am that Wonder Woman is getting some live-action screen time again, I do not envy Gal Gadot her job. Her role in the upcoming film Batman vs Superman will be the first time someone other than Lynda Carter has wielded the Lasso of Truth. Those are some big boots to fill.

As far as Carter’s concerned, though, she’s got Gadot’s back. In a Huffington Post interview, she spoke positively about her successor, but was cautious toward the as-of-yet-unknown screenplay.



We Do Not Have Enough Wall Space For All These Stylish Game of Thrones Prints

…but we wish we did. Bottleneck Gallery’s online exhibition Winter Is Here offers a slew of gorgeous Game of Thrones-themed artwork by a variety of talented folks. Before you is a selection of a few that caught our eye. Prints are available but limited, so if you want one of these for your own, you’d better move fast.


Oh Hollywood

The Final Book In The Divergent Trilogy Will Be Split Into Two Films

News like this always makes me think of a quote from the movie Contact: “Why build one when you can have two at twice the price?”

As with The Hunger Games and the Twilight saga, Lionsgate/Summit has made plans to split the third book in the Divergent trilogy in twain. Allegiant, Part 1 is on track for release on March 18, 2016, with Part 2 hitting theaters March 24, 2017. Though Divergent didn’t open as strongly as its predecessors, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group Co-Chairmen Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger are confident that the tetralogy model will be a success once again.


Bloody Good Fun

Game of the Year: Telltale Games’ Super Mario Bros. [Video]

Look, Luigi, your year had to end sometime. Don’t take it personally.

This short by Dorkly brings us the unholy mashup of Super Mario and The Walking Dead. Somehow, this combination strikes me as even more emotionally traumatic than the original. I’d still play it.


it's time to play the music

If You Watch Only One Rock Band Playing The Tetris Theme Today, Make It This One

I’m not sure I’ve ever described a cellist as “badass” before, but now seems like a good time to start.

The band you see here is Critical Hit. By the time you read this, I will have remedied my lack of their video game cover album.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Go Find A Space Party! It’s Yuri’s Night!

Listen up, space cadets! April 12 is Yuri’s Night, an international event celebrating human spaceflight and exploration. Today, our planet is hosting over 200 parties, scattered across every continent (yes, Antarctica included). Head to the official site to find a shindig near you.


It is known

Gwendoline Christie Talks Brienne of Tarth, Jaime Lannister, And Of Course, Honor

I know Game of Thrones has only just started its fourth season, but there’s already one glaring omission: nowhere is it mentioned that Brienne of Tarth and I are best friends (I am reliably informed that this canonical fact is absent within the books as well). She teaches me how to use swords, I teach her how to play Dungeons & Dragons (she rolled a paladin, obviously), and we talk over sensible amounts of wine about how wearing pants and boots is the absolute best. I admitted to her once that I occasionally like a good dress, too, and that I hoped it wouldn’t jeopardize our BFF status. She looked at me like I was crazy, and said, “What is this, high school? So long as you are true to yourself, keep your word, and act with honor, you can wear whatever you want.” And then we drank more wine and smiled at the memory of all the bad guys we’d vanquished.

Gwendoline Christie mentioned none of these key character points in her recent interview with Access Hollywood, but she did have some interesting things to say about Brienne’s connection with Jaime, her vow to Catelyn Stark, and her latest conversation with Margaery.


Just Go With It

And Now, Frozen’s Olaf As Disney Princesses, Because Why Not

Given the properties of frozen water, I find it unlikely that Olafiel here is going to be able to get very far under the sea. Her land-dwelling counterparts will probably have an easier time of it, so long as Agrabah has snowy winters. Which I somehow doubt.

This madness is the work of Tumblr user TortallMagic, as part of the Daily Olaf fanart project. Click through for more cognitive dissonance.