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  1. Calling All N7s: New Details Revealed For The Next Mass Effect Game

    Hey, it's more than we got at E3!

    The details surrounding the next Mass Effect game are still very much a mystery, but Saturday's BioWare panel shed a bit more light on what's in store. We've known for a while that this game will be a departure from the existing trilogy, but as of yesterday, we have confirmation that at least one familiar feature from the first game will return. Drumroll, please.

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  2. San Diego Comic-Con 2014: While You Were Sleeping, Part 3

    Future tip: Be very polite to any and all Spider-Mans.

    We know that reading about goings-on at Comic-Con after the fact isn't as good as being there in person, but think of it this way: You're at home. You're in your pajamas. And there are no lines. Join us now as we catch up on some newsy morsels, including a new Outlander trailer, the logo for the Warcraft movie, and some tidbits about Agent Carter.

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  3. Witness The Grueling Process Of Picking A New Villain For Once Upon A Time [VIDEO]

    What ABOUT Frank Matterhorn?

    This video from yesterday's Once Upon A Time panel at SDCC takes us into the writers' room, in which we get a sobering (read as: hilarious) glimpse at just how hard it is to find a Disney villain the show hasn't used yet. To be honest, I haven't watched OUAT in a while, but I would absolutely pick it back up if the next season's Big Bad was the Patriarchy.

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  4. Today In Great Ideas: Maisie Williams Might Play Ellie In The Last of Us Movie

    Seven hells.

    She knows how to use a bow and everything!

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  5. And Now, The 2014 Eisner Award Winners

    Hooray! Congrats!

    The 2014 Eisner Awards took place last night, and I have a feeling our readers will be happy with a few on the list (hint: starts with "S," ends in "aga"). We've got the full rundown of winners right here.

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  6. San Diego Comic-Con 2014: While You Were Sleeping, Part 2

    Nesting dolls! They made nesting dolls!

    Good morning, nerds! As those of us who live east of the Rockies slept, Comic-Con raged on. We'll be continuing our coverage throughout the day, but first, we've assembled a few overnight highlights for your bleary eyes. To wit: Orphan Black fans are great! Teen Wolf is coming back! The Avengers taught George R.R. Martin how to kill! And...wait, what's that about an Evil Dead TV series?

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  7. And Now, The Royal Guard At Buckingham Palace Plays The Game of Thrones Theme

    Because the world is weird and wonderful.

    In the game of thrones, you win, or you establish a constitutional monarchy and return sovereignty to your colonies.

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  8. It’s The 45th Anniversary Of The Moon Landing, And The Internet Is Celebrating

    We come in peace for all nerdkind.

    I've never known our moon without footprints on it, but my mom speaks reverently about watching the Eagle touch down. It was the day after she turned nine years old, and her father -- my grandfather -- had worked on orbital mechanics for the Apollo program. This day fills me with pride for both my family and my species. When we put our minds to it, we are capable of achieving wondrous things.

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  9. Why Yes, We Would Like To Watch A Sailor Moon Crystal Music Video

    Henshin yo!

    I'll admit, I'm still warming up to the animation style, but that is small potatoes when compared to watching the Moon Princess and her guardians rising up from the rubble and preparing to wreck some face. And while we've only seen Moon and Mercury's transformations in Crystal thus far, this video's got clips of all the inner senshi. Go get 'em, girls.

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  10. The CW’s The Flash Casts Its Captain Cold


    Do you like...Prison Break? Do you like...the Flash? Then today is your lucky day!

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