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Things We Saw Today: Ellie, Riley, and Their Halloween Masks

Welcome to Spooky Town.

last of us emilie majarian

Achievement unlocked: BFFs. Artwork by Emilie Majarian.

  • An internet hoax claiming that you can charge your iPhone by microwaving it has been making the rounds. This should go without saying, folks: DO NOT DO THAT. (via The Escapist)
  • Speaking of Apple, here’s the only gadget comparison chart I need: the Apple Watch vs. the Pip-Boy 3000.

gotg ladies ts

Marvel and JEM have teamed up to create a spiffy selection of Guardians of the Galaxy tees for ladies. You can find ’em at Kohl’s, Walmart, and JCPenney. (via Marvel)

  • As any Destiny players out there are probably already aware, there’s a cave which players have been farming for seemingly endless piles of loot. Yes, it’s an exploit. Yes, it will probably get patched. Yes, you should totally get in on it. (via Joystiq)
  • NASA’s latest Mars orbiter — MAVEN — will be arriving at the Red Planet tonight, and you can watch it live online between 9:30 and 10:45 PM EDT.

donuts mike mitchell

Even cyborgs need a break sometimes. By artist Mike Mitchell. (via Super Punch)

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