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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

Even the Falcon Wants a Wonder Woman Movie

It wasn’t so much a burden as it was a blessing. I feel like there’s a huge segment of our population that’s being neglected as far as having people to look up to and having role models to look up to, and I’m really looking forward to next Halloween seeing bunch of little kids running around with wings on… That’s why I feel like I hope they make Wonder Woman one day. I hope they bring back these cartoons that little girls and other little kids can look up to and see themselves in that person. It’s very important. So being able to play Falcon was a huge coup de gras for me.Anthony Mackie, who will debut as the Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I can only say that I tried my best to find a picture of Wonder Woman with an eagle on her arm or something to sort of get a Wonder Woman/Falcon combo vibe going here, but failed. Both superheroes are groundbreakers in their own way, Wonder Woman as the single longest running female superhero in history, Falcon as one of the first black superheroes in mainstream American comics: the first to be African-American, and one of the earliest to have a superhero name that didn’t have the word “black” in it.

(via Zap 2 It.)

Previously in Wonder Woman

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  • AverageDrafter

    EVERYONE wants a Wonder Woman movie, except for Warner Brothers. Unfortunately, its their call – so screw the pooch some more WB. Its expected at this point.

    I bet after a Captain Marvel movie makes a ton of money, WB will get around to WW like 4 years later.

  • Ali Miller

    This is why I can’t get excited about Batman/Superman (well, besides the fact that Man of Steel disappointed me). Knowing that WB currently has NO PLANS for a Wonder Woman movie – and yet feels confident enough to announce plans for The Flash and Justice League – drives me UP A WALL. Wanna know one way you can one-up Marvel Studios, WB? Put out a female superhero film.

    I can’t help but roll my eyes whenever the execs talk about “how tricky” the WW mythology is to adapt. Like, if Marvel can make THOR work, complete with colorful space realms and rainbow bridges, it’s time to nut up or shut up.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe we should be asking Geoff Johns why his company apparently intends to wedge Barry Allen — and not even the one from JL8! — into the Trinity in Diana’s place. Because that worked so well with Hal.

  • Charlie

    I feel confused that they see someone like Faora as a viable character (fighting superman no less) and yet we can’t have a movie about a superheroine? It’s just wierd.

  • Anonymous

    Round up your Justice League with Idris Elba as John Stewart, Neil Patrick Harris as Flash and whoever as Wonder Woman (I vote Eva Green!) and your diversity problem is almost all solved at once.

  • Adrian

    I’ll say it again, WB.

    Wonder Woman: The Animated Series.

  • AverageDrafter

    My speculation is they are doing a Flash movie to kill him off Crisis style in the JLA film.

    Of course, I’m sure they will screw up the Flash as well.

    Here’s the key – its not a “guy who can run fast” movie, its a time travel movie. Therefore… If he is willing to do it, get Shane Carruth to write and direct it.

    I’d trust that.

  • Emily Hill

    this is bull spit there is no reason for not having a wonder woman movie and this bull spit they want to make the movie awesome it didn’t stop them with green lantern

  • Charlie

    Yeah Green Lantern was a joke. It can’t get much worse than that.

  • Anonymous

    It makes so much sense, I don’t know why they didn’t try yet. If WB was really serious about bringing the character in theaters, that’s the first step they would do.

  • Aeryl

    I have had the HUGEST crush on Anthony Mackie since Real Steel, he HAS to stop doing things that make him more adorable.

    OK, no he doesn’t.

  • Aeryl

    Olivia Munn?

    Gina Torres?

    Gina Carano?

    I like Eva Green, but she doesn’t strike me as the Diana type. Of course her turn as Artemisia may change my mind.

  • TKS

    Wonder Woman: Too hard.

    Solar-powered, space-Jesus baby from The Planet of the Unitards who can fly and has super punches: Way easy.

    I TOTALLY see WB’s logic there.

  • Charlie

    How stupid do they think the general public are that they can’t understand ‘fatherless amazon punches things’

  • Anonymous

    It seriously brings tears to my eye when he says he wants to show little black kids they can be superheroes too and that there ARE heroes who look like them. If marvel doesn’t him (or at least ANY hero of color) in the Avengers sequel I will be so sad.
    It’s really upsetting to me that there’s been this steady stream of superheroes since 2000 and most of them are men and pretty much all of them (Save for a few) are white.

  • TKS

    Am I crazy for thinking Dichen Lachman would be a good Diana?

  • TKS

    Marvel just has to stop dragging it’s heels and MAKE A CAPTAIN MARVEL MOVIE.

    Seriously, with the MCU’s cosmic and military feel, Carol would fit in PERFECTLY.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that her performance as Artemesia can be a game changer one way or another but when I think of Wonder Women, I think of someone who has enough of a presence to lead an army. What I love about Green is her voice, which is pretty low for a woman, and can often be used to have a “don’t f*ck with me” effect, not unlike Patrick Stewart.

    I’m not sure Carano and Munn have as much presence and Torres would’ve made more sense in her Firefly years.

  • Charlie

    I vote Maisie Williams

  • Charlie

    I’d take a fallen greek pantheon living in modern times causing trubs, Sea monster knocks Steve Trevor out the air. (yay 3D) (Maybe we see Supes flying in to take care of it :p) Stevo finds amazons and tells them about the strange troubles the earth is having. They tell him to sod off. Diana is all like I DO EET. And goes and kicks ass. That is not hard. A bit pants but I thought that up in a comment box on a website…. Give it to a professional writer ffs.

  • Charlie

    Thanks to Earths Mightiest Heroes and Jennifer Hale I will always consider Captain Marvel and Commander Shepard to be the same person. Silly brain.

  • TKS

    There were a couple of episodes where if I closed my eyes I’d swear I was playing ME3.

  • Kay

    Okay, I genuinely wept a tear or two that he was asked about the importance of being such an iconic minority superhero, and he went and brought it back to a place of “Everyone needs a superhero they can look up to, so can we please get some superladies going too.”

    Anthony Mackie can come right into my arms. Thank you, sir.

  • Adrian

    It’s such a no-brainer, really. That “top 3 priority” quote rings in my head every day now, taunting. A WW animated series is so comparatively low-risk, I just can’t fathom how it hasn’t been done before. I’d kill to get the inside scoop but kill even more to be on the team that handles the seemingly soul-crushing job of WW development at WB. My kingdom for an Amazon!

  • totz the plaid

    Your idea is very vague, but it’s a good start for a plot, I think!

    Maybe not a sea monster, since Poseidon hasn’t been a HUGE part of the DCU as far as I know (and a sea creature would be better for an Aquaman movie, I think), but something set loose by Ares would work!

    As far as the rest of the plot goes… *shrug* Again, hand it off to a pro, but it’s not hard to get the plot started!

  • frodobatmanvader

    It would be just like DC to do a Captain Marvel movie before they do WW. Though if they did, I think Alfonso Cuaron would be perfect in the director’s chair…

    Oh, wait. Wrong Captain Marvel.

    …Damn copyright laws!

  • frodobatmanvader

    Sadly, I think the biggest challenge to a Wonder Woman movie isn’t the storyline, what actress would play her, yada yada…

    Because even if they figured all that out, I think the thing worries Warner Bros. the most is that they would still have no idea how to market the character.

    ‘Cause, you know, The Hunger Games’ marketing plan was “tricky.”

  • Charlie

    Its just kind of to show that its not exactly as cryptic as they are making it out to be. If people can accept Clark’s backstory I’m sure they can accept Diana’s

  • Anonymous

    I’d be happy with Olivia Munn.

    Super-outsider pick: Emily Deschanel.

  • Anonymous

    I’m mostly the same way, except I liked Man of Steel, and didn’t really love Nolan’s Batman.

  • Anonymous

    No, sea monster is awesome. It starts a tease for the Aquaman movie.

  • totz the plaid

    I’d love a good Aquaman movie, too, but I can’t even picture how DC’s Poseidon is supposed to look, while Ares is one of their major baddies.

    *shrugs* I’m sure there’s some way to make it work anyway!

  • Mina

    Seriously. Thor was the silliest superhero movie ever. And people loved it! Sometimes if you just embrace the cheesy goofiness of it all and go with it anyway, it really does all work out. I do hope they’ll catch on.

  • Anonymous

    Ares (or Hades), attempting to break free of imprisonment, causes earthquakes, which release a sea monster. Serves as a false villain twist. Poseidon is rounding up the strays, not the root evil. Meanwhile (and unknown to the viewer), these sea creatures have been interfering with life in Atlantis, and the last scene after the credits is Aquaman demanding an audience with Poseidon.

  • mejumaxuturi

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    Okay, I genuinely wept a tear or two that he was asked about the
    importance of being such an iconic minority superhero, and he went and
    brought it back to a place of “Everyone needs a superhero they can look
    up to, so can we please get some superladies going too.”

  • totz the plaid


  • Dessa Brewington

    What’s “too hard” for them is how they are going to market WW to boys. What if a scary feminist message chases the men away?!?!!!

  • TKS

    But Wonder Woman isn’t a man hating feminist! She hates everyone.

  • Erica M.

    I don’t think the story would be so hard for them. I think what they think is tricky is how can a female led movie do well? I know, we ALL know, that female led movies can do really awesome and superhero movies have hit a sweet spot with moviegoers these past years, so you think they would jump at it, but I think it’s that horrible line of thinking that women leads/women driven movies can’t make money and so now it’s ‘tricky.’

    I’m afraid they will either wait too long and movie audiences will be tired of superheroes or they will slap together some crap really fast and everyone will hate it and we will be back to the old, ‘women can’t lead movies, they don’t make any money’ crap again.

  • It’s Ben Siegel
  • TheChief

    They shouldn’t try to wedge him into the trinity at Wonder Woman’s expense. However, I do think Flash is a more important character to the DCU than WW based on his impact. That said, I want both movies. (Disclaimer: I’m a very big Flash fan)

  • not-so-small-mercies

    Nope, I like it.

  • Carol Price

    The hardest for Warner Brothers is finding an actress who is exactly of the appearance of Lynda Carter.

    The actress that does get hired, Warner Brothers does not want the actress to be ruthlessly compare to Lynda Carter by obsessed fans. They may hire a woman with red hair and green eyes and height may be 5ft 6in tall not the same height as Lynda Carter. They have the makeup crew to give her dark hair and blue contact lenses and the heels or the illusion of being tall.

  • Carol Price

    Ares the god of War is a good choice of being the villain, he loves violence and cruelty. Accordingly to the Greek mythology Ares’ Temple was filled with skeleton remains of perfect men who were skinned alive and Ares would come to drink their blood similar to a vampire.He is Wonder Woman’s grandfather in the Greek mythology. He is the father of Queen Hippolyta. This may give some degree, for good acting on the part of Wonder Woman, the first time she meets her grandfather Ares. He can lure her to his cruelty and kill in his name. She wishes he was like most Greek grandfather who tell her stories and allow her to play with his hair and beard.

  • Carol Price

    Mars the god of War is also a good choice, he would be a distant cousin to Wonder Woman accordingly to the Greek Mythology. Unlike Ares, he does not drink blood, but he is the perfect soldier and perfect general the war never ends. He hates peace, love, kindness, cowardliness, showing mercy. He loves a bloody good war…most of time for no good reason for it.

  • Carol Price

    If Warner Brother is serious about making Wonder Woman, please keep in the Willam Moulton Marston’s Wonder Woman. Where Steve Trevor crashes on the island, he is twenty-five to thirty. He is nearly dead. Amazons uses Apollo’s power to cure him. Apollo is the great uncle of Wonder Woman and the brother of Ares. Apollo was the god of medicine. Amazons have a contest who will take Steve Trevor back to the United States. Wonder Woman have never seen a mortal man, men she has seen who are gods and demi-gods of perfection. She feels draw to Steve Trevor’s need of her protection. She is not in love with him. She has seen prettier gods such as Eros the god of love, is related to her through Ares not because Aphrodite was made by the god Cronus’ member throw into the sea, making Eros a distant half-cousin.She enters the contest, she wins. Steve Trevor remembers some degree of floating on air thinks she is an Angel. He is in love with two women Diana Prince and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman selects the name Diana Prince from a co-worker of Steve Trevor, a secretary. She looks exactly like her but she wears glasses. The real co-worker Diana Prince has decided to change her name and move to South America with her Jewish scientist to hide him from the Nazis who want his knowledge. She gives Wonder Woman her paper-works:the birth certificate, social security card, government clearance, even her apartment to pretend to be her.

  • Brett W

    Okay, to do it like THAT would be the touch of death. All superheroes started out goofy. That’s just how things were back then. But if Wonder Woman is going to have a film, some re-imagining is long overdue.

  • Carol Price

    Most fans of Wonder Woman only know the William Moulton Marston’s version remember ABC Wonder Woman with Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner, It would not be death, it will be how the original writer had written it. Romance Sales. ABC back then had high ratings to even think about spin off Wonder Girl with Debra Winger.

    William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman in 1941. His purpose was to help men and women in uniform to have a romantic comedy to inspire them to believe the war would be victorious. Hate of the Nazis would be destroyed and they will be able to come home soon. Without him, there would be no Wonder Woman today to be thinking about.

    Overdue with what Wonder Woman 52 where Steve Trevor is tortured. He begs and pleads for his life. Wonder Woman hears him say Ice Cream. He and Wonder Woman fly back in his plane to eat at a restaurant and she squeals when she has the bite of ice cream…..How fun is this? AWFUL!

    Ancient Greek Amazons were lied about by the Greeks of its time so women and men who were old would be protected. Our Greek Amazon women can beat up you best soldiers and raped them before they have the chance to invade our country and destroy your ships and your weapons..

  • Carol Price

    Incest will not sale which is bleeding all over Wonder Woman 52….

    William Moulton Marston is the original creator of Wonder Woman most fans want to see his version. Wonder Woman is an ICON of World War 2.

  • Ivan

    I agree with the DC execs in that ww a difficult project to get off the ground, however it needs to get done. I personally believe the whole Greek gods aspect needs to be done away with to make the character relevant today. I do realize that I am probably in the minority with that opinion however.

  • Adrian

    I’m familiar with the animation/toy line relationship, but to be frank, it’s bullshit. The belief that a heroine action figure “can’t be done” is ridiculous. The term “action figure” was created by marketers when they decided to sell dolls to boys, but figured boys wouldn’t buy “dolls” so they invented a new name for dolls. A Wonder Woman action figure line would be as easy as selling dolls… to girls. Any marketer who thinks that’s a tough sell might want to observe the whole of human history and get back to us.