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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Pretty Pretty Princess

Check Out the Trailer for DC Nation’s Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld [VIDEO]

The future of Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld looked uncertain when DC Nation went on an unexplained hiatus last October. But now that all is right again in DC Nation (Kind of. Maybe. For now.), those who were looking forward to the series about a teenager who finds out she’s actually a long-lost princess from Gemworld (it happens) don’t have to wait much longer. Here’s a trailer for the series of shorts, which premieres this Saturday the 5th.

One quibble: Did she have to lose her glasses? Does being in Gemworld automatically give one 20/20 vision or something?

(via: Animator Brianne Drouhard‘s Tumblr)

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  • Anonymous

    In all fairness, Clark Kent also loses his glasses when he becomes Superman and Peter Parker got rid of his pretty quickly also so the phenomenon is not limited to princesses.

  • Elizabeth Freeman

    SO AWESOME! I love it as much as the Thunder and Lightning short. These both need to be shows.

  • gia manry

    She looks like she should be in Pretty Cure.

    I feel you on the glasses though to be totally fair, they’re extremely impractical for any kind of action, since their being bumped alters your vision, they can fall off, break, etc. So at the same time I’m not usually inclined to quibble on that front, specifically for someone who’s supposed to be using a sword and shield (and therefore presumably participating in hand-to-hand combat).

  • Anonymous

    The royal health care package includes complimentary Lasik. That’s why the tiara flashed when she touched it! ;)

  • Shauni Farella

    all I could think of was Fuu Hououji and how her glasses disappear when she pilots her giant-robot/elemental embodiment Windam in Rayearth. magic contacts come as standard with the outfit?

  • Terence Ng

    OMG! I did too!!! ::twinsies::

  • Kelly Hackathorn Tackett

    Why can’t the comic be half this fun? Amethyst seems cool in the comics, but the author keeps forgetting it’s about her, and you only see her mom and aunt most of the time.

  • Anonymous

    It looked to me like the glasses turned into the tiara, so I have decided the tiara is a magical sight-improving implement.

  • Nick Gaston

    The Gemworld transformation sequence also crystalized and re-formed the lenses in her eyeballs, correcting her vision.

    It was animated, initially, with decent anatomical detail, but they got threatened with a TV-MA rating after the test audiences kept throwing up.

  • Chanel Diaz

    First there’s the Anime-Feeling (I Love how she’s like “WTF” at 0:30, when she’s in that Typical ‘Magical Girl Pose’), than at the End, when she got on the Pegasus she totally went Rainbow Dash:

    If she’s as cool as Rainbow Dash (Doesn’t have to be EXACTLY like her, mind you), than I’m totally looking forward to This.

  • Chanel Diaz

    Why the ‘Ear Rings,’ then? They can take your Ear Lobe with them, if pulled in Battle. Isn’t that why whenever they show Girls/Women Fighting in other Shows and Movies, they take them off First, Rather of putting them on?

    I’m hoping her Glasses disappearing have something to do with some kind of “Magical Contacts (Which could do Sooooo much More than just Equal Non-Visually Impaired People.),” so she could still Relate to the Visually Impaired.

    If not, I’m hoping this is a Sign of the Future Outdating Primitive Eye Repair Surgery. ;)

  • Amanda

    Maybe it’s just something the merchandising team stepped in on. I know any dolls/toys etc.that I had as a kid always had a heck of a time keeping their glasses in place XP (for references please check with my Cabbage Patch Kid, school-teacher Barbie, Wild Puffalump, and Moondreamers)

  • Anonymous

    “By the Honor of Grayskull! And this is my steed, Swiftwind!”

  • Jamie Jeans

    You know, you turn that sound off and it looks like an anime, instead of something from DC Comics. Mind you, that’s not a bad thing per se. I remember many people coming down hard on Teen Titans animated during its first season and that proved to be a fantastic show…

    Just… not that excited about it. Give me a shout back when Cassandra Cain gets an animated show.

  • Chanel Diaz

    I wasn’t talking about Merchandize, but I still don’t think that Excuses the “lack of glasses” either way. It’d be like saying, “why have dolls that aren’t Blonde because brown-colored hair is an ugly color.”

    I did say Glasses were Impractical and could Always use Improvement. It’s just that there’s always going to be Some Visually Impaired People, so they should be making more Reference to it that says either “ALL visually-impaired people will be cured instead of only a Lucky Few” or/and “Visually-Impaired People can still make Advantages of their disability.”

    But what about what I said about the Ear Rings? It’s either for Functionality or for Looks.

  • Starman

    It’s all part of the hero’s journey. Amy is still finding her feet in the comic and adjusting to “OMG! Magic is real!” Christy Marx does a lot of slow-building in her series but the pay off is usually worth it. I’m sure Amy will be kicking butt on her own once they get the world better established.

  • Chanel Diaz

    I hope this is as Good as Teen Titans.

    Starfire & Raven on the Bookshelf. :D

  • Chanel Diaz

    Isn’t “Clark Kent” with his Glasses Only a Disguise, and not someone with a Disability? Definitely, Peter Parker is one of the Best Examples of “Disability Cured” Scenarios.

    I just hope they have an Explanation for it. “That [Insert Power Word Here] Costume Grants you 20/20 Vision.”

  • Crystal Lynn

    I’m glad someone else thought of She-Ra while watching this sequence.

  • Duke Fleed

    Looks like pretty much every other mahou shoujo thing out there, TBH, and not just PreCure.

  • Anonymous

    The only word I can think of to describe this is “meh”. Magical girls have been dépicted in so many ways now (the recent Madoka being quite original), and that one just feels like it’s surfing on the japanese concept without any kind of new flavor. Then again it’s a kid show so kids shouldn’t be “meh-ing” about it I guess.

  • Anonymous

    I understood the point more as a “glasses aren’t cool” issue than as a disability issue so that’s why I made the connection.

  • Chanel Diaz

    I was just talking about people who need glasses. That’s why it’s a little more tragic when the glasses disappear in the name of “fashion” than “practicality.”

    But I said I’ll forgive it, if they have a good explanation like for Peter Parker.

  • Jerilyn Nighy

    Amethyst pre-dated She-Ra.

  • Jerilyn Nighy

    Brianne Drouhard is a genius (and a really cool in person), so she deserves this recognition. And this looks vastly better than that rubbish reboot in the books.

  • Anonymous


  • Diana OmegaSama Davidsson

    so basically sailor moon, Magic knight Rayearth and She-ra in one opening… Yeah…..

  • Janna A. Kepley

    Why did she have to lose her glasses and change her hair color? It doesn’t make her More a princess… They could have just started her out blonde and 20/20.

    Signed, Brown eyed brunette amethyst princess with astigmatism.