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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Today in Boobs

Boobs Had Bras Over 600 Years Ago, 500 Years Before Bra’s Invention

Holy boob revelations, Batman! Bras have long been thought to have arrived on the scene right around the time when women started abandoning their corsets for more comfortable options, but according to recent archaeological finds, women may have worn undergarments remarkably similar to those on the market today–600 years ago.

Archaeologist Beatrix Nutz, who has the kind of name just dying to be adapted into a whimsically intelligent novel or children’s book, made the discovery in 2008 and has just recently been going on a publicity push for her find.

She and her team uncovered four linen bras dating to the Middle Ages while excavating an Austrian castle. One of the brassieres can be seen in the above image, and here’s what seems to be the equivalent of string bikini-style underwear, but from around the time all those Habsburgs started running around:

According to this evidence, which Nutz and her team have even analyzed for DNA, bras existed right alongside–and maybe even before–corsets, and maybe not just as something that evolved as an alternative.

Fashion curator of the London Museum, Hilary Davidson, took a look at one of the found garments in particular and remarked that it “looks exactly like a (modern) brassiere.”

So far all we really know is that these things existed, and when, which is already a revolutionary concept for all those underwear historians out there. It’ll be interesting to uncover more of what the conception of these particular pieces of clothing entailed, and to figure out how common they were.

There is another possible answer to all of this, however, that has gone as of yet unexplored: Time Lords.

We’d be fine either way.

(via io9, AP)

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, 600 years? They sure don’t make ‘em like they used to.

  • jewelmcjem

    It really does look like it was reverse-engineered from modern undies to what was available at the time…perhaps this time travel idea isn’t as much bunk as we’d thought . . . 

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Red Sonja: historically accurate!?

  • The Lamb

    I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one that thought this could be proof of time travel…

  • Chelsey Doering

    Definitely Time Lords.

  • Anonymous

    Does this make make you want to take better care of your undies? Knowing that 600 years from now, some “archaeologist” is possibly going to be studying them analyzing them for DNA?

  • Anonymous

     Mama always said to always put on clean undies before you leave the house, because you never know when you’ll be exhumed by archeologists centuries later and you wouldn’t want to be embarrassed.

  • Bailey Marie Mononoke

    lol duh

  • Anonymous

    Pft, bras were invented 25,000 years ago by Ayla of the Bear Clan. Mary Sue of the Cro-Magnons.

  • Theodor

     It is known.

  • Anonymous

    More like Time Ladies. 

  • Taste_is_Sweet

     I can’t possibly like this comment enough.