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Here Are 12 Things The Internet Did To Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi

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It’s officially official – we have a new Doctor. We learned via a live, worldwide event yesterday Peter Capaldi would be taking over for Matt Smith on the long-running sci-fi series. While we enjoyed what the internet had to say about John Watson’s new mustache, we knew there’d be considerably more reaction to Doctor Who’s newest cast member. So here, in honor of Capaldi being the twelfth, are 12 things the internet did after the announcement.

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  • Craig Oxbrow

    Number 8 (the comic style portrait) is great!

  • foolish tree films

    Here’s another:

  • Elwyne

    I was almost too scared to click on the link, but I’m not sorry I did! Also, can I just say, THIS is the Doctor I can see giving River the sendoff she describes in Silence in the Library. <3

  • Leela Hein

    You forgot James Hance’s painting to go with the rest of his portraits-

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I did not forget, I simply hadn’t seen it. :)

  • Leela Hein

    Haha! Fair enough!!

  • Brian McDonald

    If you’d told me that the Twelfth Night poster was a genuine BBC release, I would have believed you completely. That’s some solid photoshopping right there.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    I’m betting we’ll get to see a reunion this coming year.

  • Travis
  • WheelchairNinja

    Interesting choice, going with an older guy again. Kind of odd to pick someone who’s already been on the show, but I’m glad it wasn’t some 22 year old. If they’d followed that pattern, 13 would end up being Doctor Doogie Howser, M.D. (Although Neil Patrick Harris *would* make an awesome Doctor.)

    But I guess my dreams of seeing Tom Hiddleston in the TARDIS will have to wait until next time. (Fangirl sigh…) and

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty hard to find British actors who HAVEN’T already been on the show these days. Peter Capaldi himself has already represented TWO separate characters in the Whoniverse.

    Plus it’s hardly a first: many series regulars appeared first as unrelated characters. Most recently, both Karen Gillen and Freema Agyeman appeared as minor one-episode characters before they came to play companions, and Bernard Cribbins was in a DW film 40 years before playing Wilfred Mott.

    Colin Baker appeared as a different character on DW before becoming the 6th Doctor, and Romana regenerated into an actress who had already appeared in the series with the handwave ‘Romana liked how the character looked so much she copied her exactly’.

    So to be it’ll be kind of odd if the actor HADN’T been in Who before!

    P.S. To me Hiddlestone is more of a Master type. Plus, much as I love him (and love Matt Smith) I’ll be glad to get a change from foppish, boyish, public school charm with the Doctor.

  • Anonymous

    I choose to believe that Bernard Cribbins’s character is his character from Dr. Who, forty years later.

  • Diddy_Caca

    Sorry, what’s the llama one?


    That Youtube Video is Brilliant!!

  • ihearttheplanet

    I’m thinking ‘Twelfth Knight’ – they do love a pun. I might put bets on this.

  • Elias Algorithm

    If there’s not a comic where he teams up with the penguin again I am gonna be so f*#&%ing p*^&@ed.

  • Grand Poobah

    You missed this YouTube take on how he might perform in the role…

  • Hannele Kormano

    It’s an alpaca, hence Alpacapaldi

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yes, there’s only so much more I can take of Tumblr’s astonishment that an actor whose current role it is interested in has had previous roles that are, get this, completely different!

    The Thick Of It is a great show and any extra attention it gets internationally is well deserved. But I’m already beginning to grit my teeth a bit to get through the Sweary Doctor jokes.

  • Anonymous

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  • Whitney Cameron

    I don’t think Capaldi would be the Doctor sending her off, as great as that could be. There was a clip, one of the extras on the DVD where Eleven meets himself when he is giving river her send off. because of that, I’m a little afraid River might never meet 12 D:

  • Willowflower

    Though Moffat had said in an interview that it was implied that River met more than two Doctors, so maybe she will.