Full Trailer for Disney’s Zootopia Reveals Animal-Centric Examination of Gender and Race

I have to admit, one of my favorite parts of seeing The Force Awakens was that it was accompanied by a hilarious teaser for the upcoming Disney film, Zootopia, in which a rabbit cop and a fox go to a DMV staffed entirely by sloths. I’ve died laughing every time I’ve watched that scene, and I was totally sold on the movie not even really knowing what it was about. But now, Disney has released a full trailer that gives us more insight into the actual story. Check it out!

The story seems really smart, and it’s cool that they seem to be going for a kid-friendly examination of gender and race by having a female bunny proving that she can be a “real” cop, and having the story focus on the fact that animals need to get along no matter what their species. I do wonder how they’re going to handle the animals who’ve “gone savage” and seem to be committing the crimes in the story, but I’m hopeful that – in the end – the animal cops will learn that the savage animals weren’t really “savage” after all. Or something.

What do you think? Will you be seeing Zootopia when it comes out in March?


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