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Zombie Musical Has Singing, Dancing, Zombie Killing [VIDEO]


A few weeks ago we showed you a Walking Dead musical that was full of delightful tap-dancing zombies. Well today we have another zombie musical for you—albeit one that’s a bit less on the campy side. It’s gory, violent, scary, and sad in addition to being ridiculous at times as well. (It is a zombie musical, after all.) The film, simply titled Zombie Musical, starts out with a chipper dance sequence and gets progressive more horrifying until the nameless main character, who’s spent most of the time she’s not singing screaming her head off, gets it together and starts wailing on the zombies who have taken over her school. With, among other things… a pencil? Because those can kill zombies in Zombie Musical. Which makes no sense, but it’s a musical, so I forgive it.

(via: Topless Robot)

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