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Zack Snyder Says Steven Spielberg “May Not Be Wrong” About the Superhero Movie Fad

Kind of an awkward time to be "dawning" something, then ...


Ever since Steven Spielberg said he thought the superhero film genre would die out just like Western movies did, other famous folks have been responding to his comments. Batman v. Superman director Zack Snyder has just come out with his opinion, and surprisingly, he seems to think Spielberg has a point:

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He might not be wrong. I think it puts more pressure on us, the filmmakers, to not just crank out superhero movies for the sake of it. To me, the one thing I love working in the DC universe is that Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman are American mythology. It’s not about making a superhero, it’s a mythological universe that we live in. That I hope stands the test of time. They stood the test of time. That’s hopefully the sort of magic bullet. But who knows what audiences will want in the future.

When asked how he planned to keep these stories fresh, Snyder said:

To me it’s about the drama, the humanity of it. Those are like Shakespearean characters: Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. They have inherent drama built into their makeup.

Not too different from the responses that we’ve already heard from Chris Evans and from Emma Thompson: make a good movie, tell a good story, and don’t just keep doing the same thing over and over. As for whether Snyder’s upcoming take on the superhero genre will rise above the rest … well, that remains to be seen.

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