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Zack Snyder Teases With Jason Momoa Pic From Justice League Production, Which He’s Totally Still Directing, You Guys

"Deep in it." Yeah, that about sums it up.

Despite rumors floating that Warner Bros. is nervous about Batman v Superman and speculation that they might want to change course (i.e. fire Zack Snyder) for Justice League, here’s the DC film universe’s architect himself teasing production with his very own Aquaman, Jason Momoa.

The image doesn’t give away a lot, but with the movie now set to begin shooting on April 11th, they’d have to be almost ready to go at this point. In the background, you can see some costumes, which appear to be for the Flash, Batman, and maybe Aquaman (or other Atlanteans?) himself.

So what do you think? With easily as many (or more) statements being made that Warner Bros. isn’t shaking in their red, Kryptonian boots and Zack Snyder is 100% their choice for Justice League, it’s a bit hard to know what to expect. On the other hand, we can say one thing for certain: The future of DC movies hinges largely on what happens with Batman v Superman—but that’s not necessarily a bad thing or a proclamation that it could sink DC movies.

There’s still time to push Justice League back and tweak its tone or anything else about it without necessarily rebooting the whole DC film universe. Fans not exactly excited about the direction Batman v Superman appears to be going may be pleasantly surprised with changes down the line if this particular movie underperforms.

Whatever happens, the next few months are going to be interesting for Warner Bros. and the DC film universe.

(via Uproxx, image via Warner Bros.)

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