Youtube’s Top Ten List of “Geek Videos” for 2013 Is Much Better Than Their Other Lists

There aren't even any foxes or anything!

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You’ve seen the 2013 Top Ten List of overall videos by now (and of you haven’t, you can check it out here), and if you’re like us then you found them a bit lacking in stuff like Chris Hadfield singing in space or giant terrifying cheetah robots. Well, never fear! Youtube’s weird obsession with “geeks” paid off for us with this awesome Top Ten Trending list.

At the top of the list, we’ve got Commander Chris Hadfield singing “Space Oddity” by David Bowie (with some altered lyrics, of course) in… well, space. The video clocks in at 19 million views. Compare that to Ylvis’s 270 million views for “What Does The Fox Say” and weep with us, friends.

Speaking of weeping, that’s what we’ll all be doing when the Boston Dynamics Wildcat gallops apace to crush out meat bodies and collect our souls. Because that’s what it’s going to do. The 15 million people who viewed this terrifying video know this. It came in at Number 2, so watch out, Hadfield — the Wildcat is no doubt coming for you first.

Up next in third we have the “Mini-Minotaur” song by Tobuscus and Tim Tim. Oh, great. Now we’re going to have this song stuck in our heads again for the rest of our lives, just like the 10,823,900 other people who watched this.

Nigahiga put together this fake Naruto movie trailer for Youtube’s Geek Week and even filmed part of it in Japan while on vacation. We’re not big Naruto people here at Geekosystem, but yeah, we’d totally watch a full-length version of this, as would 9.9 million other viewers.

In fifth place, Harrison Ford refuses to answer any questions about Star Wars on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which over 8.7 million people watched online. And why should he answer our stupid questions? He lived the Star Wars, Ted. He lived them.

Coming back around to fake movie trailers by Nigahiga, this Candy Crush themed video hit over 7.8 million viewers, and features a surprise cameo by  Temple Run and Fruit Ninja.

NigaHiga isn’t the only Youtube user to make it onto this list twice — Rhett and Link accomplished is as well, because of course they did. Here’s their first video of amazing optical illusions from the Rhett and Link 2 account, which got over 7.6 million views.

Rhett and Link’s second video to hit the list is no surprise — it’s the Epic Rap Battle between Geeks and Nerds, which got 6.3 million viewers to tune in.

The shortest video to grace the geek list, this Thor: The Dark World spot from Comedy Central depicts Loki getting harassed by a bunch of first graders who think Thor is better. We would say it depicts Tom Hiddleston dressed as Loki, but come on. He probably thinks he is Loki at this point, and 5.7 million viewers would probably agree.

Lastly, you can’t have a list of geek videos without one that was taken at Comic Con, and one that’s full of people dressed as robots. This SDCC video from Wired delivers on both fronts, with an added appearance Adam Savage of Mythbusters to round out the awesomeness. It only got 2.5 million views, so we’re guessing that a bunch of other videos were overlooked to put this one in the top ten, but it’s worth it. It’s so worth it.

Interested in more? You can check out the Youtube Year Rewind 2013 page for a bunch of other top ten lists. Just try not to get lost in there — the year’s not over yet, after all.

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