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Youtube Releases Top 10 Videos of 2013, Guess Which Made Number One?

Hint: it's about foxes and you're sick of it.

Fox Screenshots

Is there anything that makes you more aware of your own mortality than a top ten list of things that happened on the Internet? Videos become viral so quickly that it’s it’s pretty jarring to remember that yeah, we were all obsessed with that stupid Harlem Shake. Youtube’s Top Ten of 2013, then, makes for some pretty surreal viewing.

The Ylvis “What Does The Fox Say” trend only just become popular in September, of course, so it’s not too surprising that it took the number one spot globally with over 276,000,000 views. 

Norwegian Youtubers took both first and second place, it would seem, as number two is that video of Norway’s army doing the Harlem Shake. It received over 95,000,000 views, which admittedly is a pretty big drop from Ylvis’s 270 million. Were we all that into foxes, guys? Yikes.

Coming in at third is “How Animals Eat Their Food” by MisterEpicMann with over 88,000,000 views. Surprisingly this trend passed us by, and we were sort of expecting something a little more… informative. Still, props to Nick and his team for making a video as equally as compelling as it is silly.

Despite her best efforts, Miley Cyrus did not make the list with either “We Can’t Stop” or “Wrecking Ball.” Steve Kardynal’s Chatroulette version (that’s still a thing?) of the latter song did come in fourth, though, with over 78,000,000 views. It also marks the first time anybody’s was ever actually excited to see a naked guy on Chatroulette. We think the parody where Miley appears to be singing about food in a posh British accent deserves some recognition too, though.

We get our very first ad at fifth place with the Evian “Baby&Me” short video, which clocked in at over 67,000,000 views. We would be kind of annoyed at the brand placement but — babies! Adorable dancing babies! Evian knows us well, it would seem.

Jean Claude Van Damme does the splits for Volvo in sixth place with 59,000,000 views. What really makes this video is the Enya song in the background, of course. You know that’s, like, half the reason you kept watching.

Surprisingly, the Lonely Island didn’t make it onto the list until number 7 with “YOLO,” featuring Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamarr. Guess they’ve been busy. The 53 million people who tuned into this video probably weren’t, though. Zing!

Hey, remember that telekinetic coffee prank that was done to promote the Carrie reboot? You know, the video that was arguably better than the actual movie? Yup, that made the list with 50 million views. Oh sure, most of those people were probably actors, but who cares? The practical effects were still fantastic.

We sure love our Bad Lip Readings, and given that a lot of people appear to love that thing called “sports,” the fact that a Football-centric bad lip reading got into the top ten with 44 millions views isn’t so surprising.

Finally, an Epic Rap Battle of History just squeezed in there with 42 million views. Of course it was the Skrillex vs. Mozart one, because people just love watching other people complain about dubstep.

Youtube has a lot more lists on their “Youtube Rewind Page,” which includes the top ten music videos and others, so head over there and check out the rest if you’re so inclined.

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