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Your New Fleetwood Mac-esque Obsession Is Here

Daisy Jones and the Six singing together

I’m late to the game but then again, no one told me that this is essentially just Fleetwood Mac fanfic, and that’s on them. I’m talking, of course, about Daisy Jones & The Six. The book by Taylor Jenkins Reid takes us through the career of the fictional band Daisy Jones & The Six—how they came to be and the turmoil within the band throughout the years—and is being adapted into a series for Amazon Prime.

Written in an interview style, the novel is addictive. I would know; I’m reading it for the first time and cannot put it down. At the time of writing this, I want to ignore all my responsibilities and go read the book (and then watch the series). But alas, I am an adult. So I will instead write about how the new song from the series is my latest obsession.

Again, the band is a fictional one but does have a lot of the same feelings that the real life band Fleetwood Mac has—feelings for us, as fans, obviously—but also, Daisy Jones & the Six go through a lot of the same fights and issues that Fleetwood Mac did, which caused Rumours to be as iconic an album as it is.

Daisy Jones & The Six’s answer to Rumours is an album called Aurora. Sort of. Again, this isn’t a perfect comparison. So Aurora is the fictional band’s debut album where Rumours was not a debut. But still, there are enough comparisons that fans love to talk about the characters alongside their Fleetwood Mac counterparts.

Stevie and Lindsey, meet Riley and Sam

Riley Keough and Sam Claflin singing in Daisy Jones & the Six
(Prime Video)

For fans of Fleetwood Mac, we know all about the relationship of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. For fans of Daisy Jones & The Six, that’s Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne. In the series, Riley Keough (real-life granddaughter of Elvis Presley) plays Daisy Jones while Sam Claflin plays Billy Dunne, frontman of The Six. Their relationship dynamic is different from that of Nicks and Buckingham, given Billy’s marriage to Camila and their lack of a full-blown love affair (in the novel).

But the vibes are … well, what we’re all really going for. Stevie and Lindsey fueled decades of a love affair with the band for fans, so having Daisy and Billy be similar enough? It’s what a lot of fans clung to with the book in the first place. And the show is really bringing that to life, from what we can tell, especially with the music we’ve heard so far from the series.

I can’t stop listening to “Regret Me”

Aurora, as an album, will be out when the show is released, but for now, fans can listen to “Regret Me” on repeat like me. I cannot stop listening to it! The song, which has the line “So go ahead and regret me but I’m beating you to it, dude” in it, feels just like those classic rock songs that you listened to because your parents played them for you and you became obsessed. (That might be specifically my story, but hey, it’s the truth!)

With this song, though, it’s our first taste of the music of the band Daisy Jones & The Six, and man does it sound like it came right out of the ’70s. It’s perfection. So please, enjoy “Regret Me” and become obsessed with it, too.

Daisy Jones & The Six airs on Prime Video on March 3, 2023 and I need it.

(featured image: Prime Video)

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