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Young Cersei Cast For Game of Thrones Season 5, Which Could Arrive Later Than We Expect

More wine! I mean, juice boxes!


Yes, it’s true, a young actress will be stepping into the rather large, drunk shoes of Lena Headey’s Cersei for Season 5. Plus, do we have a Tyrion/Jorah buddy comedy to look forward to?

First the non-spoilery news. Christian Today has a very thin rumor saying the season, originally set to debut sometime in April, may be delayed. But considering their report cites “recent reports” and we can’t find any confirmation of the sort, we’ll just say “Season 5 is Coming.”

Now to some casting bits. Details to follow include possible spoilers for Season 5 of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

After fans saw her name pop up on IMDB, Watchers on the Wall took to the agency resume of one Nell Williams to confirm she has indeed been cast as Young Cersei Lannister. We previously had word this flashback story from the books would make its way to HBO thanks to some leaked information but it’s nice to have something a bit more official to go on.

The director column on Williams’ resume says “various” for her Game of Thrones role, so it’s quite possible the flashbacks will be a recurring theme this season. The site also notes actress Hattie Gotobed has been cast as someone named Ghita.

Watchers on the Wall also has information on Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’s role, which is a new character created for the show. This bit also involves details of Tyrion and Jorah’s plots, so do not read on if you’d like to go into the season fresh.

According to our sources, Adewale will be playing a slaver working on the continent of Essos. His character Malko runs a slave auction, and is presenting Jorah Mormont and Tyrion Lannister for sale.

In the scene, Malko sells Jorah to Yezzan (a new season 5 character played by Enzo Cilenti). Tyrion, not wanting to be parted from Jorah at that point, makes a fuss, amusing the crowd until Yezzan buys him as well.

I won’t get into how this compares to what happens in the books, but feel free to discuss in the comments. We only ask you preface your comments with [SPOILER] if discussing things from the book which have yet to make it to HBO.

All I’ll say is I’m sad we’ll no longer have Bronn and Tyrion sharing screen time, but perhaps a new buddy comedy team could emerge from this plot.

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