Mobius and Loki at the Chicago World's Fair.

You Can’t Tease Mobius and Loki Like This and Then Deprive Us!

Who at Marvel do I need to speak with?

You ever hear about something so exciting coming up on a show, and then you see it out of focus in the background of a scene? No? That just happened in Loki? Great.

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During season 2 episode 3, “1893,” Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) are trying to quickly get around the World’s Fair in Chicago to find Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Victor Timely (Jonathan Majors). When Miss Minutes gets very big and disrupts everything, and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) is angry that Victor and Renslayer get away, the only solution that Mobius finds for Loki and himself to get around town is simple: a tandem bike.

Now, it fits with the time period, it’s a beautiful look, especially with the basket in the front, and my shipping heart nearly exploded. All they needed to do was put Sylvie in the basket and my throuple love would’ve really been happening before my eyes.

So tell me why we barely saw the bike in motion? Why go through the effort of setting up such a perfect thing for fans just to … hide it? So that we can have fan art? Am I going to have to beg someone to draw this for me? Why could this episode not have aired two weeks ago so I could have purchased a piece like this pre-New York Comic Con?

To be clear, you really can barely see them on this bike, and the episode does set it up so that you think you’ll have a whole moment of Loki and Mobius on it, and I just don’t understand why Marvel is hurting me personally, as someone who asks for so little when it comes to this show and these characters in particular!

They set it up so nicely!!!

Mobius holding the bike

Do I think it would hurt less if they maybe just zoomed in on the bike and had Loki say, “No”? Maybe, but the fact that they have this whole exchange with Mobius holding the tandem bike in his hand, and it goes on for a little under a minute, does make it seem like we’ll have more to the bike than we end up getting. I’m not asking for the rest of the episode to be dedicated to the two of them riding around Chicago seeing the sights, even if I wanted Loki to see H. H. Holmes’ “murder hotel.”

What I just don’t get is why there was this whole thing for nothing? It does feel like a big tease for fans of Mobius and Loki, especially after the last few episodes, where every single flirty scene between them has ended with Loki screaming, “Where is Sylvie?” Again, I do want Loki/Sylvie/Mobius all to be together in the end, so I’m not mad about it, but this was one of those times I thought to myself that, finally, the boys were going to have a little bike ride together.

What we ended up with was literally a blurry shot in the background of a scene when Timely and Renslayer think they’re in the clear. That’s what the tandem bike led to, and I really just want to know who thought that was smart? A man, probably. Cause what are we doing here?! Why establish this beautiful moment and not follow it through?

I just want to talk with whoever made the tandem bike decision.

Mobius and Loki in the background on a tandem bike in Loki

If you’re like me and you were instantly on the lookout for the tandem bike, you probably caught it on the first watch. I did, but I had to point the shot out to fellow Mary Sue writer Julia Glassman, who had missed it. It’s just in the dark behind Renslayer and Timely before the tandem bike is gone in the wind and my dreams of them riding it along the water are gone with it. Who knows? Maybe somewhere in another episode we’ll see a flashback to their time in Chicago and see them biking there and get a glimpse, but otherwise, I just want to know who wants to hurt me over at Marvel?

This just caused me pain. My boys had a bike. They were on it together. And yet you didn’t show them on it for more than a second? And that second was out of focus? Why?! Just to watch me break?! This is not fair, I tell you. Not fair!

(featured image: Disney+)

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