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You Can Buy the Lizzie Borden Murder House!

The fuctional B&B is a great opportunity!

collage of lizzie borden and the house where she allegedly killed her parents

We love weird real estate here at The Mary Sue. Whether it’s a legally haunted house or a vintage charmer with a jail attached, we’re always on the lookout for when the bizarre and macabre comes on the market. And today we’ve got a truly legendary spot that’s up for grabs. Yes, for the low low price of $2 million, you can own the home where Lizzie Borden allegedly committed one of the most infamous murders in American history.

The Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, Massachusets is up for sale, and it’s not just a home, but a business opportunity! Since 1998 the infamous Victorian has been operated as a bed and breakfast, where visitors can sleep in or near the rooms where Lizzie Borden was accused of giving her father and stepmother those famous forty whacks. It’s a beautifully restored place, really, complete with a museum and gift shop, and is going on the market because the current owners want to retire. But they’re hoping the business continues!

The listing isn’t being shy at all about what this place is famous for, in fact, it’s the main selling point:

Lizzie Borden took an axe…or did she? Welcome to the ORIGINAL house where Lizzie Borden was accused (and acquitted) of the brutal double axe murders of her father, Andrew, and stepmother, Abby, that occured on that warm summer day of August 4th,1892. This is an unbelivable opportunity to own and operate one of New England’s top tourist attractions. Entertain visitors from all over the world. This is a turnkey operation, running lucrative day tours and evening events, and as a popular bed and breakfast destination. Picture yourself serving fun hatchet cookies, tiny johnny cakes and a scrumptious breakfast to overnight guests who have just enjoyed an experience of a lifetime! Owner’s retirement is your gain! Sale includes business, trademarks, intellectual rights, and property.

The murders of Andrew and Abby Borden on the morning of August 4, 1892, have fascinated historians for over a century, thanks to their brutality (the couple was not actually given forty whacks, but they were brutally killed with a hatchet) and the fact that the main suspect in the murders, Andrew’s daughter Lizzie, was never convicted despite some rather damning evidence. Lizzie Borden became an American legend and macabre icon, and so too has the scene of the grisly crime.

After Lizzie was acquitted of the murders, she and her sister moved to a different home in Fall River, not too far away. And, guess what, that’s for sale too! Maplecroft, as the home is called, is not as famous as the Borden murder house, but that means it’s more affordable. It’s going for $890,000 rather than the $2,000,000 it will cost you to buy the more famous residence.

But hey, why not go all in and buy both and start a Borden B&B franchise? When people start traveling again, they’re going to want lovely places with history to stay, so why not spend that $3 million burning a hole in your pocket on these two lovely homes. We can’t say if they are haunted, but I think the history is terrifying enough, don’t you?

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