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Yet Again, Pedro Pascal Is Breaking the Internet

Pedro Pascal standing in Studio 8H for 'SNL'

Pedro Pascal is on top of the world, and rightfully so! He’s currently starring in The Last of Us as Joel Miller leading up to the premiere of season 3 of The Mandalorian. To celebrate his success, he’s hosting Saturday Night Live on February 4 with musical guest Coldplay. But he’s been just breaking the internet left, right, and center recently.

First, it was two videos with Entertainment Tonight‘s Ash Crossan, who is doing the lord’s work by reminding Pascal that he is a daddy, a zaddy, and everything in between. When she spoke with him for The Last of Us, the two talked about what a Zaddy is.


Pedro Pascal has earned the ‘zaddy’ title and he’s keeping it… even if he doesn’t exactly know what it means. ? #pedropascal #thelastofus

♬ original sound – Entertainment Tonight – Entertainment Tonight

And then he called Crossan “Momma” when they met up at the premiere for The Last of Us, which broke Twitter once more.

So fans of the actor were already on high alert for something else to completely derail their lives (something that’s not Joel Miller because we know that’s just breaking us all). We should have known Pascal’s SNL promos would do the job. First, we got to see Pascal’s “first impression” with the cast, in which he almost kills the new cast member named Matt (who looks like a clicker from The Last of Us).

Another video was released shortly after and had fans screaming online. The video, which was clearly shot the same day as the first, is a fun nod to Pascal’s energy and his work. But it’s also a perfect, addictive watch. Okay, look, it was Pascal dancing to “BigDickEnergy” by Fantini, and when I realized what it was, I cackled so loudly that I woke my cat up.

Dancing on your own (with a clicker)

The video has Pedro Pascal and Matt the clicker dancing to the Fantini song, and, for lack of a better way of describing it, “poppin’ their booties” along to the track. Did I ever think I’d see a clicker and Joel Miller dancing together? No, but it’s SNL. I should have known better.

When the video started to make its way online, half of my friends had it in their Instagram stories. And that’s because fans of the actor are just so proud of him!

He’s also making fans proud by being the first Chilean to host the show. My Podro Pascal co-host Catrina Dennis shared their excitement about this on Twitter:

It really is just a love fest for Pascal from the fans who have supported him over the years. Getting to see him tackle something like SNL is a big deal, and all these videos and pictures from the set show how much fun he’s having doing it.

God, this is a good week to be a Pedro Pascal fan.

(featured image: NBC)

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