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In These X-Files Sneak Peeks From Monday’s Finale, Mulder’s Missing

And Scully is ON IT.

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This miniseries revival of The X-Files has had its ups and downs for me (most recently downs, though I suspect that was mostly to do with Chris Carter being behind that particular episode–since most of the other eps penned by different writers have felt stronger, in my opinion).

The final episode is airing tomorrow, and Fox has released a couple teasers in advance. Turns out Tad O’Malley is back after his earlier appearance in “My Struggle”, and in “My Struggle II” he’s on the air again with a seemingly outrageous claim:

When Scully shows up at Mulder’s office to find him missing, it’s his house she visits next–but from the looks of things, someone’s been there first and it doesn’t seem like they had a friendly visit to Mulder in mind.

What are you hoping to see in the last episode of the miniseries revival? Interestingly, it’s only being billed as the season finale, not the series finale–which is certainly leaving the door open for future episodes. It also sounds as if the show did well enough among viewers that Fox is seriously considering bringing the team on for more–but it would also mean coordinating with the schedules of Carter, Duchovny and Anderson. Still, the potential is out there.

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