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Well, This Photo From WWDC Is…Telling

One of these bathroom lines is not like the other...



WWDC explained in one photo.…

— Dan Ackerman (@danackerman) June 10, 2013

If you’re watching Apple’s WWDC conference with us right now, you’re making a great call for a lot of reasons — especially if you’re a guy who occasionally needs to use a restroom, as evidenced by this photo that comes to us courtesy of CNET’s Dan Ackerman. That’s a line I don’t mourn missing out on. Of course, the bathroom line is only part of the story here — the real issue is the apparent dearth of gender diversity at one of the biggest tech sector events of the year.

I don’t know if this is everything that needs to be said about the conference, as Ackerman suggests. But it is definitely one thing about the conference, and it’s stark enough that it’s worth noting.

Also worth noting: if I was in a bathroom line that looked like that, I would totally just be using the ladies room. I’m told there’s always like, potpourri and stuff in there, too.

Are you on hand at WWDC? Let us know if this is typical or out of the ordinary. We’d like to think the gender split is a little more equal that what’s on display here. Then again, we don’t have too hard a time believing that it’s not. Get at us @Geekosystem and tell us what you’re seeing.

(via Dan Ackerman)

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