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Watch Apple WWDC Keynote Live Here [Live Stream]

It’s a big morning for live streams, folks. We’ve got E3 over on the one hand, where Microsoft is just hours away from giving us a look at what the upcoming Xbox One can bring to the gaming table. In a charming revival of the Microsoft/Apple feuds of yore, though, Apple will be competing with the new Xbox for the eyes and ears of the tech world as Apple’s Developer Conference kicks off this morning. You can watch the WWDC keynote right here — and if you really want your mind blown, you can try listening to both at once. Be warned, though — that way danger lies.

What can you expect out of the WWDC this week? Well, Apple has been pretty consistent in saying that it’s big new hardware offerings are going to have to wait for the fall, which means those of you anxiously anticipating an Apple Watch probably have a few more months of anxious anticipation ahead of you, at least. Apple hasn’t released a new piece of hardware since the iPad mini and there’s not much cause to think they’ll break that streak at WWDC.

What you can expect to see is a glimpse of the software your Apple products will be running on in the coming months. Viewers will get looks at iOS 7 and OSX 10.9 this week, though only developers will get to play around with them in the short term. It’s likely that the rest of us will have to wait a couple more months before updating to a new iOS on our iPhones or finally experiencing the joy of a tabbed Finder feature on our laptops, rumored to be present (seriously, FINALLY) in the newest OSX update.

The biggest software news, though, is that Apple is also expected to show off it’s news streaming music service, iRadio at WWDC this week. On the heels of signing deals with major music publishers like Sony, Apple is now gunning for a slice of the streaming radio market dominated by services like Spotify and Pandora. While it comes as news to this reporter that we needed a new streaming radio service — y’know, because we already have Pandora and Spotify — the last time Apple tried their hands at a music service, it went pretty well. So, maybe keeping an open mind is in order here? Yeah, probably.

(via CNET)

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