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China’s Wuhan City Covered in Mysterious, Thick Yellow Haze, Residents Advised to Stay Indoors


If you woke up to a mysterious, thick yellow haze engulfing your city, would you immediately think your city turned into a yellow Silent Hill? Unfortunately for residents of Wuhan City in China, they awoke to this exact kind of fog rolling through their city, but their heads didn’t automatically turn in the direction of health drinks oddly scattered about the street, and they were advised to stay indoors.

Wuhan City residents said the fog was yellow and opaque with a greenish tinge, and it came upon the city quickly and without warning in the morning, causing the environmental protection department of the Hubei province to advise residents to stay indoors and put on protective face masks.

The Xinhua news agency reported that the fog was a result of burning straw, though eyewitness accounts paint the fog as something that would’ve had to been the result of a lot of straw, if straw were indeed the culprit. Resident Li Yunzhong, who witnessed the fog, said “in 31 years in Wuhan, I have never known anything like it,” which isn’t the kind of description one would give to the result of a random pile of burning straw.

Xinhua said the fog was seen in seven cities in the Hubei province, but the environmental protection department stressed that the fog was not the cause of some kind of industrial accident. Li dismisses the burning straw theory, and said that the region doesn’t practice large-scale shifting agriculture.

Officials say they will update the residents once more information is known, but clearly, it’s just a new, yellower Silent Hill.

(via PhysOrg)

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