World’s Longest Park Bench is Neither Very Bench-Like Nor Necessarily the Longest

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It’s a slow news day in the geekosphere, and it’s days like this that we dream of sitting on quaint park benches, soaking in the sunrays. Instead, this has been brought to our attention: Though the object pictured above may look like a crazy life-sized xylophone or a child’s rollercoaster, it’s in fact one of, if not the longest park benches in the world, opening only a few days ago in Littlehampton, England.

The Studio Weave-designed park bench, made of reclaimed hardwood, extends for over 324 meters, or 1063 feet, and can seat up to 300 weary souls. The BBC reports that Barcelona, Moscow, and Geneva all claim to have longer benches, but there are plans to nearly double the Littlehampton bench to 621 meters (2037 feet), lining the town’s coastal beach.

Looking at some parts of the loopy bench, though, makes me think they’re just doing it for the record–some parts just don’t seem to be functional seating in any way.

Another image:

(via Gizmodo)

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