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Wonder Woman’s Official Review Scores Every Bit as Exciting as Early Reactions


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Last week, the first round of reactions to Wonder Woman began to trickle in, and they were highly encouraging. Reviews were still under embargo, however, but now that the embargo has lifted, we’ve gotten a brand new, exciting round of declarations about the movie’s quality, from “it’s good” to “it’s the best DCEU movie so far,” and we couldn’t be happier about it.

I’m not a big fan of the largely nonsense distinction between “critics” and “fans,” since, outside of old-school movie critics who might not be quite so into superheroes, most critics are fans. We’re well past the point where the people critiquing this stuff are part of the target audience, but it’s also worth noting that the fans who have become critics have specifically chosen to be critical, even of the things they love. So it stands to reason that when “critics” don’t really like a movie, there will probably still be plenty of people who will readily forgive the flaws they picked out and love it anyway, but the opposite isn’t quite as likely.

So when even those more actively critical fans don’t find many flaws in a movie, yeah, we get a bit extra excited. That was the case with the early impressions, and the full reviews now have us even more pumped:

It’s currently the highest-rated live action superhero movie on Rotten Tomatoes, although that’s only counting 54 reviews so far, while the end total will be somewhere in the hundreds. It wouldn’t be surprising if the rating dropped by a few points, but it’ll wind up easily the highest-rated DCEU movie so far (not to mention the only one earning a “fresh” rating at all), giving Justice League plenty to live up to when it debuts in the fall.

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