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Nat’l Superhero Day: “No Man’s Land” Scene From Wonder Woman Still Gives Me Feelings

"No, but it's what I'm going to do."

Years later, and I still get the feels when I watch the “No Man’s Land” scene from Wonder Woman. Seriously, it’s like no time has passed and I’m in the movie theater watching Diana plead with Steve that they need to help the people in the next town over. And when he laid it out and basically said it’s not what they came here to do, she stepped up as Wonder Woman and cemented this scene in my memory forever.

I can remember the music and how everything paused for a second. Because if he wasn’t going to do something about it, then Diana was. Her shield then came into focus, followed by her gauntlets, her boots, and lasso. And as the music started to get into a superhero groove, she came into view. And oh was she a vision to behold! Even now I’m getting shivers thinking about watching this scene for the first time.

What made this scene even better was the powerful way Diana was shot, without any male gaze nonsense. All the shots were about strength and empowerment to basically say that yes, Diana was entering a dangerous situation, but she had the power to face the foes that were coming her way and the training to back her.

As the music ramped up, I remember getting a full view of Diana in all her glory.

I remember the feeling of joy and excitement in my body that I was living in a time where a woman was taking the helm and leading the charge in her own feature film. I also remember the tears. At that time I was knee-deep in superhero goodness, and I thought that Hollywood would never make my dreams come true. Then, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman came around.

There was a hush in the movie theater those first couple steps into “No Man’s Land.” It felt like everyone knew that they were watching something monumental. Then the theater went wild! The cheering, clapping, and whooping were deafening. Hell, some people even stood up! And all I could do was watch as that first bullet was deflected by her gauntlet in slow-mo.

Then another bullet came for her, and then another. And Diana didn’t stop. She was Wonder Woman and she was on a mission to help those in need. So she kept going. Bullets rained down upon her, she deflected an explosive device, and she took all the fire that no one else was capable of doing because she was the hero of this story.

And she continues to be the hero years later, especially on this National Superhero Day.

We still have ways to go when it comes to women in superhero movies—especially women of color. DC’s Wonder Woman, and her Marvel companion Captain Marvel, can’t and won’t be the only ones leading the charge. Basically, I want the kids of today to grow up in a world where they never have to know a time before women-led superhero films.

So, get to work, Hollywood. Because Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel need companions. Bring on the Black Widow movie, that we’ve been waiting ages for to be released. And while you’re at it give Miss America, Batgirl, She-Hulk, Spider-Gwen, Storm, Ms. Marvel, and Shuri the respect they deserve by bringing them to our screens in their own films.

I want to have that feeling that Wonder Woman gave me when she took on “No Man’s Land” for the rest of my life. And if that means giving women superheroes a movie each until the end of time, then so be it. I’ll watch every single one and be better for it.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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