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The New Wonder Woman Comic Is a Horror Comic — A Pantsless Horror Comic

Great Hera!

It seems to be officially official — the new issue of Wonder Woman coming out next month will be just as much a horror comic, as it is a superhero comic, according to writer Brian Azzarello. Hey, that’s awesome! For someone who is really, really into the horror genre and just getting acquainted with the comic genre, this is pretty interesting to hear. But for someone who likes seeing superheroines wearing pants, so as to protect them from the onslaught of arrows and, now, possibly stabby monsters, this cover is a real bummer. Because DC Comics has now decided on the pantsless option for Wonder Woman, after teasing us with a practical navy blue pair. Let’s all breathe a collective heavy sigh over this nonsense.

Not only has DC opted for a lack of pants, but they didn’t even offer an explanation. Neither did Azzarello:

“People need to relax, she’s not wearing pants …”

Heh? Well, fine then. Go ahead and avoid the issue, dance around it, and leave her without pants. But keep in mind: everyone noticed. Maybe it’s time to address the issue, explain exactly why there were so many official-looking pictures of Wonder Woman in pants, and why she ultimately ended up without them.

Anyway, after conspicuously avoiding the pants issue, Azzarello went on to talk about more of what Wonder Woman #1 is going to be about:

“[We’re] doing a soft reboot, we’re not getting rid of her history or anything like that. … [I]t’s not going to be a superhero book. I can guarantee you that, it’s not a superhero book. It’s a horror book.”

Well, that sounds like a horse of a different color. And a bit harder than a “soft reboot.” But interesting. Very interesting. Maybe even a good reason to grudgingly look past this whole pants thing and open our minds up to this new story … Haha, just kidding. We will not be letting this go that easily.

(Coventry Telegraph via Bleeding Cool)

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