Kris Anka Celebrates Wonder Woman as Part of #BisexualAwarenessWeek

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September 21st-27th marks Bisexual Awareness Week (the one week of the year where we assume corporeal form before Brigadooning back into the hetero mists), and to celebrate, artist Kris Anka posted a lovely sketch on Twitter of some of comics’ bisexual heroes.

Although characters like John Constantine and Catwoman are canonically bi, Wonder Woman’s inclusion was a pleasant surprise for me, since her sexuality is arguably less explicit.

Comics Alliance’s Andrew Wheeler has written a great breakdown of assumptions about and attitudes towards Diana’s sexual identity in which he points out that, if DC has ever considered officially giving her a female love interest, concerns about the financial and artistic challenges of diversifying such an iconic character might be holding them back.

Although I would obviously love to see Wonder Woman “come out” as officially bi, I also think that, for the purposes of this week, it’s awesome that Anka is celebrating a less obvious character.

Wonder Woman’s inclusion in that picture highlights so much about what it’s like to be bi–the assumptions that we’re in the closet if we’re with a long-term partner of a different gender or don’t discuss our sexuality frequently (when in reality, other people are just projecting their “straight as default” prejudices onto us); society’s insinuation that we are less deserving of explicit representation than other members of the LGBTQ+ spectrum; and the necessity of head canon in order to see our experiences depicted more often in the media we love.

What do you think of Wonder Woman’s sexuality, friends? Would you like her to be canonically bisexual?

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