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Get In The Christmas Spirit: Hang Some Lady Scientists On Your Tree

she blinded me with science

Eavesmade’s Heroes of Science have been around for at least a couple years now, but every year the holiday season runs around and something reminds me of them and then I get excited to know they exist. The Etsy seller puts together laser-etched images of famous scientists for the hanging on, oh, anything. And they’ve also got a set of Women in Science, which includes some incredible ladies.

The collection ranges through uncredited-co-discoverer of the structure of DNA Rosalind Franklin, double Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie, discoverer of tool use in animals Jane Goodall, chemist and conservationist Rachel Carson, first woman doctor in the US Elizabeth Blackwell, leading palaeoanthropologist of her time Mary Leakey, first African American woman to earn a PhD in Math in the US Euphemia Haynes, spy surgeon and first woman to earn the Medal of Honor Mary Edwards Walker, first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova, and crusading nurse Florence Nightingale.

If you’re the kind of person who likes your science in your celebration, these could be just the ticket, but with their simple design, you could really put them up any where, any time of the year. You can buy the whole set or individual ornaments, which is much closer to the concerns of my own budget.

(via The Hairpin.)

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