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Women’s Criminal Work: 1930s-40s Mug Shots from Los Angeles

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A Badger Game is a centuries old two-man con which involves targeting a wealthy mark who appears to be visiting from out of town. The female member of the team attempts to lure him into a compromising position that can be barged in on by her partner posing as an irate brother or father or otherwise recorded for the purpose of blackmail.

The rest of these ladies appear to have been accused of just as impressive crimes (well, except for those who were accused of things that, thank goodness, are no longer illegal in the US).

Though it’s terrible to think that less than a century ago the law felt no compunction over arresting and trying men and women for practicing their sexual orientation, I do kind of love the “screw you” expression on this woman’s face.

(via How To Be A Retronaut.)

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