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The Year In (Peer) Review: Nine Great Moments for Women In STEM From 2014

And counting!


Earlier this month, our contributor Eleanor Thibeaux wrote “Being A Woman in STEM: Why Do We Even Bother?,” a piece that encapsulated a lot of our frustration as women working in and writing about science, tech, engineering, and math. Why bother developing innovations for women’s health, if tech bros are just going to corrupt your idea? Why simultaneously deal with society’s insistence that it’s wrong to “see” gender and its belief that the onus is on women to convince young girls that STEM fields are accessible? Why would anyone willingly enter a field where sexual harassment and gender discrimination are still so prevalent? I don’t know why–but I think it might have something to do with stories like these.

Here are the moments from 2014 that made us laugh, cry, cheer and want to put on a neuron-covered ball gown in honor of the women and girls–both present and past–whose achievements in STEM are changing the world.

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Did we miss a story you wanted to see? Share it with us below–or, better yet, share it with the White House! There was a lot to celebrate this year. Signal boost away.

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