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[UPDATED] Oh No He Didn’t: Diamond Comics’ Previews World Editor Says Women Got Into Geek Culture For Fashion

Girls, lol.


I love fashion. We post about it on The Mary Sue often. But in a climate of “fake geek girl” accusations, I take issue with someone in the industry saying women got into geek culture for the “fashion sense.”

In a piece which has since been removed from the website, Diamond Comics’ Previews World Editor Vince Brusio wrote about the women of San Diego Comic-Con. My friend, and comic shop manager, Heather McFarlane brought it to my attention for some unfortunate content included. Here’s a screenshot (and a link to the cache version):

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 3.13.21 PM

[Edit: The cache version also includes the sentence, “No longer do we have to ask ourselves ‘how do we get women into comics?’ The ladies answered that questions themselves.” after the “am very greatful” line.]

Following the article were several pictures of women cosplaying. Praising the skill and craft of cosplayers is awesome! Saying fashion is why they got into geek culture? Not so much. Stereotypes aren’t good for anyone.

Speaking from her personal Twitter, McFarlane took specific issue from this article’s source.

And The Valkyries, an organize group of women who work in comic shops, had this to say:

We reached out to Previews’ editor for comment and will update if we hear back.

[UPDATE] Andy Mueller, Consumer Marketing Manager for Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. replied to our statement request today (July 30) reiterating that the article had been removed from their website and pointing me to two statements made via twitter:

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