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Woman Struck by Lightning While Pregnant Gives Birth, Evidence of Baby Superpower Forthcoming

Great Hera!


We have enough to worry about while we’re pregnant, but getting struck by lightning is probably furthest from a pregnant woman’s mind. You can probably imagine how shocked and annoyed Stephanie Alberti was when she was struck by lightning 13 weeks into her second pregnancy. When did this happen? Last summer, while she cheered on her husband at a motocross event. Besides this couple being incredibly awesome, they are also incredibly lucky — Lightning Baby was just born recently, and she is happy, healthy, and so far, has no reported superpowers.

Welcome little Sophie Alberti to Earth, everyone! Born at 6.5 lbs, 19.5 inches long, she is a little on the wee side, but after a dramatic gestation and equally dramatic birth, she is in excellent health and home with her parents and big sister.

As we mentioned, Stephanie Alberti was at an outdoor event in Southern Colorado, where the Albertis live, watching her husband Derek in a motocross competition. Along with several others, Stephanie was struck by lightning — through to the ground — barely three months into her pregnancy with Sophie. She was temporarily paralyzed and visited the doctor every remaining week of her pregnancy.

Well, thank goodness that turned out okay! Because it must have prepared the couple — and Sophie — for a crazy, crazy birth experience. The cord was basically wrapped around her entire body, including her neck. But even that ended with positive results: a beautiful, healthy little girl.

As of right now, there are no signs that she has acquired any superpowers from the lightning strike, but as we know from watching Misfits, Nathan didn’t find out about his superpowers until the end of the first season. Wait until she starts crawling, walking, talking … perhaps keep better track of any possible projectiles in case of psychokinesis. Just as a precaution. Also, a reminder that you cannot babyproof someone’s mind.

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