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The Wolverine Train Fight Clip Drops, Defies All Possible Laws of Physics [Video]

If your counterargument is "it's a comic book movie!" then you can just move along, please.

Now, I’m no expert on what it’s like to fight somebody on top of a speeding bullet train in Japan, but I kind of feel like something’s sort of wrong with the way that Logan does it in this recently dropped clip from The Wolverine. It’s badass and all, for sure, but did that one guy really have enough of his own momentum to fly backwards like that if the train is moving at a constant velocity? Aw, heck, watch the video first and then decide for yourself.

The Wolverine is set to hit theaters — as well as many more Japanese henchmen, probably — on July 26th. Until then, let’s all bask in the most accurate train fight scene that’s ever been made available to the general public, courtesy of Archer:

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