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Movie-Loving Thieves Are Stealing A Particular The Wolverine Poster in Droves. Guess Which One.

Oh Really?


My first thought upon reading the headline “Fox Will Have to Replace 50% of Their Outdoor Campaign for The Wolverine Due to Theft” was “Waaaaitaminute. The Wolverine posters have been horror shows. They’re A Clockwork Orange torture-level bad. Are people stealing them to burn them, thus destroying their evil magic and ensuring that badly Photoshopped ninjas and a shirtless Hugh Jackman, face a rictus of primal anguish and claws coming out from between his fingers, don’t crawl forth like Samara from The Ring and carry out a campaign of terror against poor, innocent moviegoers?”

Then I remembered that one Wolverine poster that’s actually really awesome, and it all made sense. They may be thieves, but they’re thieves with good taste.

According to Fox Chief Creative Officer Tony Sella over half of the calligraphy-inspired posters put up at bus shelters around the U.S. have been stolen and will need to be replaced. Not only will Fox have to pay for those new posters, but before the replacements go up the posters that should be convincing people to see the movie will instead be beautifying people’s homes.

Not that I feel too bad for Fox. They have millions to spend on marketing. They can deal. But it is quite the dilemma for them. They can replace the purloined posters with the same design and see them get stolen again. (Let’s face it, it’ll happen. Those posters are freaking gorgeous.) Or they can put up Shirtless Scream, Shirtless Scream With Ninjas or Duotone Disaster: Wolverine, What the Hell Is With Your Claws? and see them get painted over by humanitarians who want to rescue their fellow commuters from the pain said posters would inflict upon their eyeballs.

I bet Fox is wishing they made some average posters right about now.

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