Sakura winning his fight against Togame in Episode 8

The Fight Between Choji and Umemiya Begins in ‘Wind Breaker’ Episode 9!

Wind Breaker is one of the most competitive anime this spring, especially with its inevitable success on various charts. It might have been often compared to Tokyo Revengers in the beginning, but this anime has gradually carved out its own name with its themes and characters, hooking the fans.

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More than half of Wind Breaker season 1 is completed, with episode 9’s official premiere this week! Episode 8 of Wind Breaker focused on continuing Sakura and Togame’s fight. If one remembers, the thrilling battle between Sakura and Togame was interrupted by the latter’s flashback, with Sakura’s words finally getting through to him. Episode 8 gave the fans an impressive conclusion with Sakura’s unquestionable victory against the vice-captain of the opposition.

Now that another fight has ended, expect another one to begin in episode 9. Episode 9 of Wind Breaker is expected to air on June 01, 2024, at 11:00AM ET/8:00AM PT, since the new episode will be released on JST on Friday, May 31, 2024 at 12:00AM. Like the previous episodes, Wind Breaker episode 9 can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

The new episode will feature another anticipated fight between Tomiyama and Umemiya. We might have all gotten a satisfying battle from the past episodes; however, there is no greater fight than the one involving the leaders. Wind Breaker is only listed with 13 episodes, so there’s not much more to go!

The fight between Tomiyama and Umemiya will determine who can be declared the strongest among these two gangs. In terms of motivation to win, Umemiya seems to have the upper hand since Tomiyama is, as of now, only focused on taking over Furin High School and having fun. “Your fists are powerless because you’re fighting for nothing,” are Umemiya’s words to Tomiyama.

Togame has realized so much after his fight with Sakura. Hence, Tomiyama might also feel more than the pain of Umemiya’s punch. The pain of the past maybe? His battle with Bofurin’s leader might make him realize the true reason why he fights! So, expect another full-on fight and a touching backstory!

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