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The Battle Between Sakura and Togame Continues in ‘Wind Breaker’ Episode 8!

The battle between Bofurin and Shishitoren is close to reaching its conclusion! So far, the fights in Wind Breaker have proven that these characters are unlike those in typical gangster-themed anime. While fights usually start and end within a single episode, Sakura and Togame’s fight is very different.

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Wind Breaker has become a huge hit in the anime spring season. It has top weekly ratings and content about it has become more rampant on various social media platforms. Well, who can blame them for that? Wind Breaker is wildly thrilling and entertaining!

It was previously confirmed that the first season of Wind Breaker will only have 12 episodes. Therefore, with the fight between Bofurin and Shishitoren still ongoing, it can be assumed that the first season will only revolve around the arc. With seven episodes down, there’s only a matter of time left. But goodbyes are still too early, especially since the fight between Sakura and Togame ended with a cliffhanger!

In episode 7, Sakura was finally in the ring (or stage, since it was technically an abandoned theater house). The episode focused on Sakura’s fight with Shishitoren’s vice commander, Togame. The first few minutes of the fight showed Sakura helpless against the fighting skills of Togame. However, like all the main characters, Sakura did not give up, and chose to fight Togame with everything he had, even calling the Shishitoren “bullies.”

Also, Togame realized the real reason behind Bofurin stepping into Shishitoren’s turf. He immediately beat up Minoru Kanuma and Yukinari Arima, who bullied a middle schooler from Furin, whom Sakura and his team were determined to avenge. While this battle could have easily ended with a single episode, the fight between the two gangsters was interrupted by a flashback.

Togame’s flashback showed how Shishitoren’s commander, Choji Tomiyama, recruited him. The group’s core value is to achieve freedom by molding their individuality and strength, backing up Tomiyama’s belief that freedom will be achieved if there is great power.

On the other hand, Togame joined to find people he could connect with and who would accept him wholeheartedly. Shishitoren might appear to be cruel and heartless against Bofurin, but everyone has their stories to tell. So even though the fight was interrupted, the flashback was necessary to understand the opposing team, especially Togame. We’re not just here for the fights, after all.

Since the flashback took up almost the entire runtime in episode 7, round two of Sakura vs. Togame’s fight will be the highlight of episode 8, which will be released on Friday, May 23, 2024, at 11:00AM ET/8:00AM PT. The continuation of Sakura and Togame’s brutal and exhilarating fight in episode 8 will be streamed on Crunchyroll.

Our dear Sakura might be new in town, but he has enough motivation, strength, and skills to take down even the second-most powerful man of Shishitoren. The veteran against the newbie—whose side will you take?

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