William Shatner Thinks Martians Might Be Throwing Rocks At Our Rover

Stop confusing people and go find us some cheap plane tickets, Shats old boy!


The case of the jelly-doughnut rock on Mars is still being cracked, and at a NASA panel reflecting on the Rovers’ accomplishments, it was revealed that even late-to-the-game William Shatner thinks Martians might be behind the mysteriously composed rock.
Once again, Space Detective Steve Squyres is on the case, there to patiently explain to Captain Kirk the more probable explanations for the rock’s origin. Detective Squyres  also reveals how they’ve determined the date the rock appeared in front of Opportunity, and why he thinks Pinnacle Island looks so much like a jelly doughnut in the first place.

 Also, if you’re in a space-y mood today, here’s the entire panel. If you’re dedicated enough to watch it all the way through, then you’re obviously a serious rover enthusiast and you’re invited to my candlelight vigil for Jade Rabbit. R.I.P, brave little moon maiden.

 (via and NASA)


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