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@SarcasticRover Is Teaching Us All about Martian Santa Today on Twitter

Have a very spacey Christmas, everyone.

Sarcast Rover

The @SarcasticRover twitter account really is one of our favorites. It’s a perfect blend of comedy and science, and today it’s throwing Christmas into the mix and teaching Earthlings about Martian Santa in a string of tweets. How does he get around? What does he like to eat? Is he like your dad? Find out in these Tweets.

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Earth Santa lives at the North Pole, but what about Martian Santa?

What? It’s a Nintenbo GameMan. It’s the same thing!

Think about a gigantic new rover.

Bow ties are cool. Even on Mars.

You got what you want, Martian Santa! Now give these people air!

These are just a few of our favorites. @SarcasticRover was at this for hours. They put together the full list as a Storify page, but you should really be following @SarcasticRover on Twitter so you get to experience this kind of thing firsthand in the future.

(via SarcasticRover)

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