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Will This Be the Year Our Favorite Snotty Heroine Finally Returns?

Lottie Person on the run, with a runny nose.

A few years ago, Scott Pilgrim author Bryan Lee O’Malley co-created a new serial alongside artist Leslie Hung. The series was called Snotgirl, and it instantly made waves as a delightfully vapid, yet mysterious romp through Los Angeles, through the eyes of its titular heroine, “Snottie” Lottie Person.

Unfortunately, Lottie’s misadventures were put on hold at the beginning of 2020, as COVID made most creative ventures more difficult to pursue. That means for three years, we Lottie fans were left with a lot of loose threads that we weren’t quite sure how to tie up. Even so, a habitual reread was always inevitable, because it’s the sort of series you end up going back to all the time. It’s fun, the art grabs your attention, and there’s a good balance between all the antics and the sliver of murderous mystery always lurking in the background.

So as I’ve indulged in my latest reread, I found a tweet from October last year, soft-confirming that Snotgirl will in fact be coming back this year!

Look at our girl! Look at Snottie!! She’s still such a beautiful bitch, I’m still so in love!

I have faith that Hung and O’Malley will keep good on this announcement since they’ve continued to share art of the characters with a fond note to them:

So fingers crossed on my end that we’ll get more Snottie in the near future. But for those who don’t know why the hell you should care, let me give a quick run-down of the series as a whole.

What is Snotgirl?

Lottie is 25, half-Japanese, and living in LA as a fashion influencer. She’s tall and beautiful, and she’s very good at seeming like she’s got it all together for her viewers. But in her personal life, she’s a hot mess (literally): She hates her friends, she’s kinda sorta not over her ex, and worst of all, she’s got really bad allergies. I mean, gasp, right? She can’t be a fashion influencer AND have snot all over her face, for shame!

But one day, at a coffee shop, her life changes when she meets Caroline: a beautiful influencer who makes everything seem so easy and chill, and who entrances Lottie in every possible way. But with Caroline comes trouble. People get hurt around her. Caroline herself gets hurt, multiple times, yet always bounces back with a cold, calculating smile. Lottie is desperate for her approval and affection, yet the people around her are starting to sniff out something weird about her new girlfriend. And as they start to connect the dots, the people in Caroline’s life start to act against them…

There’s just so much unresolved mystery in this story, and I really hope to see it to its conclusion! It’s unfortunately somewhat rare for popular comic serials actually to see a “proper” conclusion, but Snotgirl has a lot going for it: Its team is highly-respected and well-known, and the very nature of the story has made it a fond name amongst Angelinos. Popular clothing brand Big Bud Press has done numerous collaborations with the artists. (I have a Snottie bag, teehee.)

Knowing our audience, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Snotgirl. It’s girly, it’s fun, it’s like all the good things about reality television, with the bad things being replaced with juicy, juicy murder.

(Featured Image: Leslie Hung)

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