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When Are We Getting More ‘Delicious in Dungeon’?

Since its first episode on January 4, 2024 has been the year of Delicious in Dungeon. Every Thursday was dubbed Dungeon Meshi Thursday. The series has been my stalwart companion through a weird, weird year.

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And yeah, on June 13, 2024, episode 24 aired. June 20 rolled around … and no new episode popped onto Netflix. Are Dungeon Meshi Thursdays officially over?

Where’s episode 25? Or when?

Spoilers for episode 24 of Delicious in Dungeon.

If on June 20, 2024, you dutifully checked your Netflix homepage for episode 25 of Dungeon Meshi and saw nothing, that wasn’t a fluke, nor is the series taking a week off. I won’t hold back the truth: Dungeon Meshi Thursdays are over. That statement made me feel incredibly sad to type. I might have to hold a vigil.

Dungeon Meshi Thursdays have ended for 2024, but happily, Dungeon Meshi itself has not. We’re officially waiting for season 2 to drop. Episode 24 was the first season finale, and immediately after it aired, Studio Trigger and Netflix announced that they’re already working on the second season.

On every possible front, that’s excellent news, right down to the fact that the producers were kind enough to not make fans wait for confirmation of the show’s renewal. But still, waiting will have to be involved—perhaps a year or more of it, which, considering how thoroughly I have attached myself to Dungeon Meshi in the last six months, is going to be tough.

If you’re curious, episode 25—which will be the first episode of season 2—will almost certainly pick up where episode 24 left off. That means chapter 53 of the manga. All the manga chapter names have directly translated to anime episode names so far, so we can expect season 2 to kick off with a three-part mini-series called (very tantalizingly) “On the 1st Level.”

I am so excited and nervous to see where that old cablecar takes them. I didn’t even now this world had cablecar technology! I have some serious doubts about the whole “eat Falin’s dragon parts” plan, but that will all be answered in time—a year … of waiting … time.

In the meantime, you could always honor the series’ inspiration and do what many other Dungeon Meshi fans have done: start a campaign in Baldur’s Gate 3 as the Dungeon Meshi party member of your choice. (No cat person option for Izutsumi, though. Boo!)

Or you could just read Ryoko Kui’s manga, starting at chapter 53. But don’t give me the spoilers, please.

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