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Ready or Not, Another Presidential Debate Is on the Way

After Donald Trump and President Joe Biden partook in the cringefest that was the first 2024 presidential debate, many are likely curious whether the pair will participate in another debate this year.

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The year’s first presidential debate was held on June 27 and was disappointing. Some social media users have shared hilarious videos comparing the latest debate to the 2012 presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The debate between two courteous, charming, and well-spoken middle-aged men in 2012 was a stark contrast to the 2024 debate, in which two elderly men exchanged roasts, bickered about golf, and made numerous false or misleading statements. Trump, a convicted criminal, lied his way through the debate, while a listless Biden stumbled his way through his answers and suffered numerous gaffes.

The debate was a disheartening affair that offered a preview of how dismal the 2024 election will be. The only way to prevent a criminal from making it into office will be for voters to back a candidate whose ability to lead the country is now being questioned by some voters (as well as many the Democratic Party, reportedly). Biden’s poor performance has only bolstered the right’s support of Trump and renewed their ageist and ableist attacks on the current president. So, while some may be hesitant to watch another debate, it can’t be denied that Biden could use a chance to redeem himself.

Will there be another debate?

Regardless of whether one is filled with hope or dread over a second presidential debate, another one is officially on the way. It has long been customary for presidential candidates to participate in one or more debates during the presidential election campaigns. Most recently, it has been common for a total of three debates to be held, as well as a vice president debate. However, there will only be two presidential debates this year, as that is the number Biden and Trump agreed to. They agreed to the June debate hosted by CNN and will next participate in a debate hosted by ABC on Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

Both Trump and Biden are breaking tradition by participating in debates only hosted by news organizations instead of the typical three debates organized by the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates. Trump has accused the commission of being biased against Republicans, while Biden’s administration didn’t want a repeat of the 2020 presidential debate where Trump repeatedly interrupted Biden and the commission failed to adequately enforce its rules. As a result, things are a bit different these years, with the candidates making debate plans without the Commission, committing to only two debates, and holding the first debate unusually early and before the 2024 Republican and Democratic presidential nominee conventions.

Although Biden and Trump haven’t been officially chosen as their parties’ nominees, they are their respective parties’ presumptive nominees, so the early debate was understandable. By the time the pair face off for the second and last time in September, they will presumably be the official presidential nominees and have one last chance to prove their abilities before Election Day. Before then, viewers can also expect to see the vice presidential debate on CBS News in either July or August.

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